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Knight Commander
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Defense, elimination of threats

  • Commander


407.3 kilograms (898 lb) - 423.7 kilograms (934 lb)[1]


302.3 centimeters (9 ft 11.0 in) - 328.5 centimeters (10 ft 9.3 in)[1]



Knight Commanders are a class of Promethean Knight encountered by the UNSC on the shield world Requiem in late 2557.


Commanders form the primary leadership of all Promethean Knight detachment. Their rank is not so much based on rate or experience, but strategic necessity. They are outfitted with impressively heavy armor. Commanders deploy floating Autosentry turrets, use enhanced vision and usually wield incineration cannons which makes them formidable against large numbers of infantry, powerful weapon emplacements, and heavy vehicles.[1]

They are especially deadly in close range as they emit a deadly pulse which launches them in the air and pushes off enemies. This ability takes a small amount of time to charge.


The Commanders have distinct light patterns, which indicate command, on their carapace and heads. They have rippling light from energy expenditure surrounding them. Their silhouette remains otherwise the same as regular Knights.[1]

By October 2558, Commanders had changed their appearance to include a white carapace, several spikes from the head and back, a far more ornate hard light blade, and red eyes.[2][3]


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