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March 31, 2011

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I’m an avid gamer and a fan of all things science and science fiction. I’ve been playing halo since it first came out.

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Gaming (Obviously), Model Making, Biology

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"Tartarus, the prophets have betrayed us."

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Chief vs Locke

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Hey, I would have added an edit summary but the rollback option doesn't allow for that, sadly. For the most part we just typically don't add X appears in/ on Y to trivia, as it's somewhat needless information. A better way to implement the smae info might be; for example; "Several Xs were present at Y in [year]", referencing the map or something such similar. In general we're starting to try and hold trivia sections to higher standards as in the past a lot of our articles have become incredibly bloated with info that was arguably not worth noting.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't respond sooner. I'd also recommend joining the Discord, as we have a fair few active editors who can also answer questions! Thanks


Ah that specifically was a "X looks like Y" trivia which we dont do here. (or allow knowingly)

Best to try and have a source that it was the intent.


Most of your edits are from before the split, so a few have been synced: . You really should have just logged-in without creating a new account for the full sync.