Crawler Snipe

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Crawler Snipe


Defense, elimination of threats, reconnaissance


204.2cm - 234.7cm (6ft 8in - 7ft 8in)[1]


157.4kg - 168.3kg (347lbs-371lbs)[1]


Z-750 Binary Rifle


Crawler Snipes are a class of Promethean Crawlers, a type of the mechanical Prometheans of Requiem.


Crawler Snipers appear to be more armored than the standard Promethean Crawler[2] and are armed with a built-in Binary Rifle.[3] They make use of supplementary energy stacks located on their backs and an extreme long range sensor located at the front of top of their false-mandibles, which act as weapon cowlings. Particle dilators are located at their fore-leg joints. They are designed to specifically track and kill from extreme distances. They are sent deep into enemy fronts, quickly seizing high vantage points. They are the most lethal element of the crawler class.[1]


Crawler Snipes are typically used for long-range combat, scouting and reconnaissance missions. Crawler Snipes will often camp out in high places on the battlefield to make better use of their integrated Binary Rifle's range and firepower to pick off enemies from a great distance.[4] While they engage in at longer distances, they may use their weapons at closer ranges with unexpected accuracy.

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