Knight Lancer

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Knight Lancer


Defense; elimination of threats

  • Marksmen
  • Scouts


407.3 kilograms (898 lb) - 423.7 kilograms (934 lb)[1]


302.3 centimeters (9 ft 11.0 in) - 328.5 centimeters (10 ft 9.3 in)[1]



Knight Lancers (also known as Knight Rangers) are a class of the Promethean Knight constructs created by the Ur-Didact toward the end of the Forerunner-Flood war. They were encountered by the UNSC on the shield world Requiem in the year 2557.[2]


Lancers are explicitly designed to secure elevated positions from which they can survey the battlefield, unleashing accurate and lethal fire from massive ranges.[1] As such, they are primarily used as scouts and marksmen, and are extremely accurate from great distances. Lancers are known for using Promethean vision to track targets, even if they are behind solid objects[3] as well as using the autosentry to provide covering fire. Lancers utilize a wide range of Promethean weaponry, including LightRifles, Binary Rifles, Suppressors, and Scattershots, as their ranged armament.

Despite being designed with range in mind, they are still capable of engaging in close-quarters combat.[1] In addition to the short-range teleportation capability possessed by all Promethean Knight types, Lancers are capable of charging at their opponents in a zigzagging motion at an incredible speed. This enables them to make use of the Scattershot's effectiveness in close quarters.[4]


Lancers distinguish themselves visually from regular knights by the addition of five fins on their carapace. They are transverse sensor arrays which provide remote sensory data. Their hardlight blades also differ as they are elongated and end in a hook.[1]


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