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This article is about the Spartan Ops chapter. For the SPARTAN-IV character, see Gabriel Thorne.


The Cauldron Base


Scattered (cinematic)

Spartan Thorne
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Quarry", Requiem


Find Spartan Thorne.

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Spartan Gabriel Thorne has been transported to Requiem, without weapons or comms. His current status is unknown.

Spartan Thorne is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' fifth episode, Memento Mori.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is deployed to the Quarry, where the believe the Covenant may have taken missing Spartan Gabriel Thorne. Upon arrival the team faces heavy resistance. The team searches two locations in the Quarry, but Thorne isn't there. After fending off a large wave of Hunters and Wraiths, Fireteam Crimson waits for evac at their LZ. As Pelican 653 draws close it is suddenly hit and destroyed by a Covenant orbital insertion pod. Crimson and their handlers realize too late that they have stumbled into a trap when they are suddenly swarmed by Banshees, Phantoms and a CRS-class light cruiser.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


A Pelican swoops into the Quarry.

  • Miller: "Roland, any more info on Thorne's whereabouts?"
  • Roland: "The Elites carried him out of surveillance range. Can't do much more than give you a general direction right now."

The Pelican settles into an LZ.

  • Miller: "Keep looking. And try to get Commander Palmer on the line. She needs to know what's happening. Crimson, this is straight search-and-rescue. Get in there, and see what you can find."


  • Roland: "I'm showing two likely locations where Spartan Thorne might have been taken."
  • Miller: "Marking a waypoint."

Crimson approaches the first waypoint.

  • Roland: "Sniper!"
  • Miller: "Light him up, Roland!"

A neutralize marker appears on the sniper.

Crimson reaches the first waypoint.

  • Miller: "I'm not seeing Thorne anywhere, Roland."
  • Roland: "Agreed."

Crimson kills most of the Covenant in the area.

  • Miller: "Just a few stragglers, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Oh boy... Crimson, Phantom inbound."

Numerous Phantoms land and deposit reinforcements. Crimson kills most of them.

  • Miller: "Still have a few Covies to clear out, Crimson.
  • Miller: "Power source nearby. Might be worth getting a look at it?"

A waypoint appears at the far end of the Quarry.

  • Roland: "There is a higher than average number of enemy forces in this area."
  • Miller: "Might mean there's something worth guarding."
  • Roland: "Like a Spartan."
  • Miller: "Yup."
  • Miller: "Eyes open, Crimson. More Covies in your area."

Crimson reaches the waypoint.

  • Roland: "Lot of UNSC gear here."
  • Miller: "Grrr... but where's Thorne?"
  • Roland: "I've confirmed that Spartan Thorne isn't here."
  • Miller: "Then where the hell is he, Roland?"
  • Roland: "I've got no idea."
  • Miller: "All right. Dalton, I need a ride home for Crimson."
  • Dalton: "Gonna be a few on that request."
  • Miller: "Drop pods incoming!"

Crimson fights off the first wave.

  • Miller: "Watch out! Hostiles inbound!"

Crimson whittles down the second wave.

  • Miller: "Drop pods coming down near your position, Crimson!"

Yet another wave.

  • Miller: "Uh oh. Phantom inbound!"

Spartan kills most of the wave.

  • Miller: "Just a few Covies left. I'll get markers on them."

Crimson kills them all.

  • Miller: "Don't relax yet, you've got more hostiles headed your way."
  • Miller: "If we have to wait on a ride, how about about some guns?"
  • Dalton: "That, I can do."

Numerous ordnance pods drop from the sky, each containing a Spartan Laser. Another wave of Phantoms deploys a wave of Hunters.

If the player has activated the RvB Easter egg.

  • Sarge: "I know you boys wanted a life, but all I've got are these guns. I suppose you COULD assemble some sort of primitive, gun-like vehicle out of the parts. But who knows what the insurance rates would be on that bad boy..."
  • Sarge: "Dammit, Grif, you dropped our cargo! Now how are we supposed to play Grifball!"
  • Grif: "I think the bigger question here is why a military vehicle was sent into battle with sports equipment."

Instead of Spartan Lasers, the ammo drops are Gravity Hammers. Rather than "Ammo" the markers read "Sports Equipment".

Crimson kills most of the Hunters.

  • Miller: "Area's not secure yet. Marking your last few targets."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Dalton: "Finally got your bird, Miller. Where ya want it?"

A waypoint appears at the top of the butte."

  • Miller: "Put her down right here. Should be safe."

Crimson reaches the waypoint.

  • Pilot: "This is Pelican Six Five Three. I have visual on Fireteam Crimson. Touching down at LZ."

A Pelican flies low across the Quarry. As it approaches the butte it is suddenly destroyed when a falling Covenant drop pod slams into it from above.

  • Miller: "Oh God! What was that?!"


Multiple Phantoms and Banshees converge on Crimson.

  • Roland: "Spartan Miller! This is pretty bad! Incoming enemy forces! Numerous."
  • Miller: "Define numerous, Roland."
  • Roland: "A lot! Maybe all of them?"
  • Miller: "Ohhh boy. Crimson, brace yourselves. This is gonna get ugly."

Multiple Banshees swoop over the butte as at least five Phantoms and a CRS-class light cruiser close in.


Level ends.


The fifth Red vs. Blue Easter egg is found on this level. It is the only Easter egg to affect gameplay, as the ammo drops will be Gravity Hammers (Grifball equipment) rather than Spartan Lasers.