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Science Mountain


The Hammer

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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Lockup, Requiem


  • Secure Lockup.
  • Hold off the Covenant counterattack.
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Covenant detention facility targeted for shut down. Spartans on the ground to level structure.

Revenge is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' ninth episode, Key.[1]


While searching for Catherine Halsey, Crimson returns to Lockup. They are dropped off with some Marines and secure the area. They move on to the next area and eliminate the Covenant forces there as well. Robert Dalton detects Marine IFF tags nearby, when Crimson goes to investigate they are ambushed by Covenant forces. Crimson holds off multiple waves of reinforcements including several Wraiths and Hunter pairs. As they are about to be picked up Dalton detects more Covenant reinforcements incoming. Jared Miller tells Crimson to get ready.[2]


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Two Pelicans swoop down on Lockup.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer: (gunfire in the background) “Miller, I’m in the field. You’ve got this?”

A pair of Unggoy look up and spot the Pelicans.

  • Jared Miller: “We’re not leaving until the UNSC owns this place.”

One of the Pelican descends and deploys a Warthog.

  • Miller: “Roland, what about our trace on the Halsey comms?”
  • Roland: “Working on it.”

The two Grunts walk up to the Warthog and try to steal it. The second Pelican deploys another Warthog behind them.


  • Miller: “Unleash hell, Crimson!”

Crimson and the Marines kill the two Unggoy. They move out and engage the other Covenant.

  • Miller: “Drop pod incoming!”

Covenant drop pod brings in enemy reinforcements.

  • Miller: “Uh oh! Phantom inbound!”

A Phantom deploys additional enemy troops.

  • Miller: “Look out! There’s a Phantom headed your way.”

Another Phantom deploys more enemies.

  • Miller: “Heads up!”

More enemy troops arrive. Crimson defeats them.

  • Miller: “Keep it up!”

Another Phantom arrives.

  • Robert Dalton: “Phantom inbound on Crimson’s position.”

The Phantom drops off Hunters.

  • Miller: “Hunters!”

Once the Hunters and any remaining Covenant are defeated:

  • Miller: “Good work, Crimson.”
  • Miller: “Movement!”

A pair of doors open and Covenant Ghosts emerge.

  • Miller: “Watch out for the Ghosts.”
  • Miller: “We’re keeping this march going, Crimson. Secure the area.”

Crimson takes out the Ghosts and moves through the open doors. More Covenant are waiting on the other side.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach.”

The Phantom deploys additional enemies.

Once the area is secure:

  • Miller: “That’s all of them.”

A Pelican arrives and deploys friendly reinforcements.

  • Dalton: “Miller?”
  • Miller: “Go ahead, Dalton.”
  • Dalton: “One of my pilots just picked up a half dozen Marine IFF tags. It’s a weak signal, but worth investigation.”
  • Miller: “Agreed. Thanks, Dalton. Crimson, passing the waypoint along to you now.”

Marine IFFs are highlighted on the player’s HUD.

More enemy Ghosts appear from another doorway.

  • Miller: “Watch out, Crimson. More Ghosts!”

Crimson dispatches the Ghosts.

  • Miller: “Lots of activity nearby. Be ready for anything, Crimson.”

Crimson moves through the doorway and into an open area where the IFFs are located.

  • Miller: “There’s the IFF tags... but no Marines.”

Crimson is suddenly ambushed by Covenant troops.

  • Miller: “Damn it! This was a trap! Dalton!”
  • Dalton: “Pelican’s on station, but that LZ’s too hot.”
  • Miller: “Crimson. Neutralize all targets.”

Crimson and the Marines engage the Covenant attackers.

  • Dalton: “This is Dalton. Drop pods inbound.”

Multiple Phantoms and drop pods arrive and deploy enemy reinforcements, including a Wraith.

After the Wraith is destroyed:

  • Miller: “Impressive, Crimson.”

Once the area is clear:

  • Miller: “Good job.”

More Phantoms arrive and deploy four Hunters.

  • Miller: “They’re wheeling in the big guns, Crimson.”

Another Wraith is deployed.

  • Miller: “Wraith!”

Wraith is destroyed:

  • Miller: “Great! Keep it up, Crimson!”

Once all the Covenant are defeated:

  • Miller: “Well done, Crimson! Dalton, all clear to land.”
  • Dalton: “You got it. Thanks much, Crimson. I- wait!”
  • Miller: “What is it?”
  • Dalton: “Covie air traffic. Lots of it. Inbound on Crimson’s position.”
  • Miller: “I see it. Crimson, we’re not done here yet. Prep to resist hostiles.”

Fade to black.


Level ends.


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