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Exodus (cinematic)

The Hammer
EP9 CH5 The Hammer.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Lockup, Requiem


  • Assist Poker Squad.
  • Locate Hawk Squad.
  • Activate the Forerunner device.
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Numerous Covenant forces inbound on Lockup. UNSC ground teams are holding the area and request Spartan reinforcements.

The Hammer is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' ninth episode, Key.[1]


Picking up from where the last chapter left off, Crimson is forced to hold off additional enemy reinforcements now including Promethean Crawlers. After defeating the attackers, the Spartans move to the next area and assist Poker squad in eliminating the enemy forces. While Crimson is assisting Poker, Roland detects Hawk Squad's IFF tags. Once Poker Squad is safe Crimson is sent to investigate. After fighting through numerous Promethean forces they arrive at Hawk's position to find only their tags. Jared Miller accesses a recording on one of the tags that reveals the marines had been captured by Elites looking for Reclaimers. Hawk was killed while the Elites tried to activate a device. Crimson activates the device while holding off Elite and Promethean Watcher reinforcements. The device is revealed to be a map of Requiem. Roland quickly contacts Henry Glassman and believes the map could help them free the Infinity from Requiem.[2]


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Fade in to moments after the previously level had ended. Crimson is exactly where they were. Pelicans are in retreat.

  • Miller: “Crimson, hope you caught your breath. Because here come the bad guys.”

Phantoms bombard the area, destroying a Warthog.

  • Miller: “Oh no! Phantoms! Get to cover!”

Crimson receives an emergency transmission:

  • Poker Squad Marine: “Spartans! Poker Squad here! We could use some backup.”
  • Miller: “Understood, Marines. We’ll be with you shortly.”
  • Miller: “You’re pretty popular today, Crimson. Everyone wants your attention.”
  • Roland: “Spartan Miller?”
  • Miller: “Hold on a second, Roland. Prometheans! Take ‘em out, Crimson!”

Crimson engages a wave of Promethean Crawlers.

  • Miller: “Knights! Crimson, be careful!”

Knights phase onto the battlefield. Another wave of Crawlers appears as well.

  • Miller: “Watch out for the Crawlers. They’re everywhere.”

Once most enemies are down:

  • Miller: “Poker Squad, how are you holding up?”
  • Poker Squad Marine: “We’ve got ‘em held off, but could use some help if you can send it.”
  • Miller: “Be with you soon, Poker.”
  • Miller: “More bad guys!”

Doors leading into the structure open. More Promethean Knights exit. At the same time, a portal opens up and Watchers emerge.

  • Miller: “We’ve got Watchers in the area, Crimson.”
  • Poker Squad Marine: “Poker to Spartans: It’s getting ugly in here.”
  • Miller: “Almost there, Poker. Crimson, move a little quicker. Poker needs assistance ASAP.”

Once most enemies are down:

  • Miller: “Painting the last few targets for you now.”

Crimson defeats the remaining Prometheans:

  • Miller: “Area secured. Nice. Miller, Poker Squad: Crimson’s on their way.”
  • Poker Squad Marine: “Understood, Spartan. Looking forward to the company.”

Crimson heads through the open doorway and into the structure where they find a small arsenal for them. They go through another set of doors and meet up with Poker Squad on the other side.

  • Poker Squad Leader: “Good to see you, Spartans! Welcome to the fun!”

Crimson and Poker engage the attacking Prometheans.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller! This is REALLY important! You’ve got a batch of Marines wandering around.”
  • Miller: “Yeah, it’s Poker Squad. They’re just defending-”
  • Roland: “No. These tags are from Hawk Squad.”
  • Miller: “Hawk? They’re not assigned to this mission.”
  • Roland: “Well, they’re there.”
  • Miller: “Hey, you’re right. What are they doing there?”
  • Roland: “Dunno. But thought you might like to get a look... especially since they’re right where Halsey’s comm signal was routed.”
  • Miller: “Spartan Miller to Hawk Squad! Marines? Hello? No response. Roland?”
  • Roland: “I’ve got nothing, Spartan.”

Once most enemies are down:

  • Miller: “Just a few stragglers, Crimson.”

Crimson and Poker take out the last Prometheans:

  • Miller: “That’s what I like to see.”
  • Miller: “Poker Squad, you have the situation in hand?”
  • Poker Squad Marine: “We do now. Thanks, Spartans.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, fall out to this position. Let’s go find Hawk.”

Waypoint is set on a door. Crimson opens it and enters the structure.

Promethean Crawlers scale the walls inside.

  • Miller: “On the walls!”
  • Miller: “One sec, Crimson. Analyzing the maps of this area. Trying to figure out how Hawk got where they seem to be.”

Crimson moves out into another open area. More Prometheans attack.

  • Miller: “Sniper fire!”
  • Miller: “Keep it up!”

Crimson clears out the area. A large door opens up, revealing more Prometheans.

  • Miller: “Get ready. More bad guys headed your way.”

Crimson fights their way into the structure.

  • Miller: “Okay, I think I’ve got it. There’s a grav lift that we’ve never been able to activate. Let’s take a look down here.”
  • Miller: “Roland, you got a second?”
  • Roland: “You have any idea how long a second is for an AI?”
  • Miller: “Use Crimson’s short range link to check out that control panel for me.”
  • Roland: “Done.”
  • Miller: “That was quick.”
  • Roland: “For you, sure.”

Crimson clears out all the Prometheans.

  • Miller: “Impressive, Crimson.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, fire it up. Let’s see what happens.”

Crimson activates the control panel Miller indicated.

Another door opens up, revealing a chamber containing a light bridge that leads to a grav lift.

  • Roland: “Hawk’s definitely at the top of that thing, and I’ve confirmed Dr. Halsey’s signal was routed through that area.”
  • Miller: “Climb aboard, Crimson.”

Crimson crosses the light bridge and enters the grav lift. The beam takes them up to the very top of the structure.

The Spartans find Hawk Squad’s IFF tags but no sign of the Marines.

  • Miller: “Oh no... Hawk.”
  • Roland: “Not seeing anyone alive.”
  • Miller: “Okay, got access to a recording on a Hawk IFF tag. Playing it now.”

Recording is played:

  • Sangheili (recording): “Nmtahbonwon Sayoh.”
  • Marine (recording): (pleading) “I don’t understand...”
  • Sangheili (recording): (frustrated) “Gah-eymayoh Reecleymah toymeh-ushou zosuerohkoh!”
  • Marine (recording): “Nothing’s happening.”

Elite roars in anger; sound of an energy sword being activated; Marine screams in pain

Recording ends

If the player has RvB Easter egg activated:

Recording is played:

  • Sangheili (recording): “Nmtahbonwon Sayoh.”
  • Church (recording): “Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what you just said.”
  • Sangheili (recording): “Gah-eymayoh Reecleymah toymeh-ushou zosuerohkoh!”
  • Church (recording): (exasperated) “Dude! Listen to me! I do not speak alien!”

Sound of gunfire

  • Church (recording): “Gah! This is such BS!”

Elite snarls in anger; sound of an energy sword being activated

  • Church (recording): “Argh! Blargh!”

Recording ends

  • Miller: “Roland, translation?”
  • Roland: “Elites were here, trying to find Reclaimers. Humans who can operate Forerunner technology. And the tech they were interested in is the same stuff Halsey’s call was routed to.”
  • Miller: “See if you can find where the call bounces from here.”
  • Roland: “This is it. Her call hit here, then bounced off into the Covenant battlenet.”
  • Miller: “Running through the other IFF tags. It looks like the Elites were at this for awhile.”

Promethean Crawlers suddenly surround Crimson. Crimson fends them off.

  • Miller: “Roland, mark one of the panels they were interested in. Crimson, get a closer look.”

A panel is marked. Crimson activates it.

The nearby triangular structure sinks partway into the floor. The three-pronged claw-like column at the center of the area unfolds, revealing a pair of horizontal ring structures suspended in midair, one hovering above the other.

  • Roland: “Ummm... Something’s happening.”
  • Miller: “Any idea what that panel actually did?”
  • Roland: “Nope, but it upset the locals pretty good.”

Promethean Watchers phase in. A Covenant Phantom also arrives and drops off a group of high ranking Sangheili.

  • Miller: “Here they come!”

Crimson repels the attack.

  • Miller: “Try the others. I want to know what the Elites were after.”
  • Roland: “There’s another panel over there.”

Crimson activates the second panel. The corresponding triangular structure lowers itself.

  • Miller: “That should do it.”

More Watchers phase in. A second Phantom deploys another wave of Sangheili.

  • Miller: “Here they come!”

Once most of the attackers are down:

  • Miller: “Here’s the last of them:”

Crimson defeats the remaining Prometheans and Covenant.

  • Miller: “Excellent work!”
  • Roland: “Final panel located.”
  • Miller: “What the hell? Let’s do it, Crimson.”

Crimson activates the final panel.

The third triangular structure lowers itself. The central column finishes unfolding. A holographic image of Requiem appears between the floating rings.

  • Miller: “Roland, what is this?”
  • Roland: “Looks kind of like Dr. Glassman’s map. Let me get him on the line.”
  • Dr. Henry Glassman: “Glassman.”
  • Roland: “Hey, Doc. Got something you oughta see.”
  • Glassman: “What is this?”
  • Roland: “Well, if you combine it with the map Spartan Thorne found, I think it’s the answer to all of our problems.”


Pelican with Crimson onboard takes off and departs Lockup.

Fade to black.


Level ends.


  • The three holographic panels in the final area display the original Reclaimer symbol, which is actually the Marathon logo. This is strange, as the Marathon franchise is owned by Bungie, not 343 Industries.
  • The ninth Red vs. Blue Easter Egg of Season 1 can be found on this level. When Crimson activates one of Hawk Squad's IFF tags, Church can be heared talking with a Sangheili, telling him that he does not understand what he says. The Elite, enraged, kills Church with an Energy Sword. This easter egg is a reference to the first chapters of the fourth season of Red vs Blue, where the Blue Team meets an alien and they have trouble understanding what the alien is trying to say.


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