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Engine of Destruction

Home Field
SO EP7 CH2 Home Field.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Onboard UNSC Infinity, over Requiem


Seal the hangar bay to prevent further intrusions.

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Infinity hangar bay is overrun by with Covenant forces. Fireteam Crimson routed to eliminate hostile force.

Home Field is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' seventh episode, Invasion.[1]


As Crimson's Phantom approaches the Infinity, the ship's automated defenses target them. Their Phantom is hit and crash lands in the hangar, but everyone survives. Crimson assists the Marines in securing the hangar, then attempt to close the hangar doors. Unfortunately, ship systems are malfunctioning due to the artifact, and the doors will not shut. Crimson is forced to fight off several more waves of incoming Covenant before being ordered to go to the ship's server room to power cycle the systems.

Crimson fights their way to the server room, where they perform the necessary power cycle. Despite repeated attacks by Prometheans, Crimson holds the room until the power cycle is complete. However, they still have to shut the hangar doors manually. The Spartans return to the hangar, which has once again been invaded by Covenant. They secure the hangar again and successfully shut the doors, cutting off further intrusions. Roland then tells Crimson to get to the Engine Room immediately, as Infinity is in danger of blowing up.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson’s Phantom flies towards the Infinity, which is swarming with Covenant attackers.

  • Spartan Jared Miller: “Careful! Ship’s defenses can't pick you out of the crowd.”
  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy: “It’s okay. I’ve got this!”

Infinity’s automated defenses disable a Banshee, then open fire upon Crimson’s Phantom. The Phantom is hit. Flames burst from its starboard engine. The ship starts to lose control.

  • Murphy: “Oh hell!”

Crimson’s Phantom makes it to a hangar. Covenant and UNSC troops are battling below. Unable to make a proper landing, the damaged Phantom flies across the hangar, right towards the camera. Screen cuts to black.

  • Miller: “Crimson!”


The Phantom has made a crash landing into a corner of the hangar. Crimson arrives in the middle of a firefight between UNSC and Covenant forces. Marines greet them.

  • Private Antoine Lum: “Hell of an entrance, Spartans!”
  • Miller: “Crimson, help the Marines secure that hangar! Murphy, are you there?”
  • Murphy: “Yeah, still in one piece, Spartan. Just pinned in here real good.”
  • Miller: “Hang tight, Murphy. Roland! Send an extraction team in for Murphy!” [Static] “Roland? Roland, you there?! Grrr... Comms are offline across the board.”

A hostile Phantom approaches the hangar.

  • Miller: “Phantoms entering the hangar! Hold them off while I find a way to seal the bay!”
  • Infinity PA: Attention: Spartan Fireteams Kodiak and Avalanche, proceed to Fore Armory Twelve-Seven. All other mission parameters are suspended.

Once most of the Covenant are eliminated:

  • Miller: “Just a few Covies left. I’ll get markers on them.”

Once the hangar is clear:

  • Miller: “Got it! Here’s hangar controls. Hit them to seal the doors!”

Crimson activates the controls. The doors start to close, but then suddenly open back up. Another enemy Phantom appears.

  • Miller: “Ah come on! Why aren’t they working?! Is everything on this ship busted?! Crimson, hold off the new arrivals! I’m trying everything I can up here to get systems back online.”

Another enemy Phantom appears.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach!”

Crimson engages the new Covenant attackers

  • Miller: “Okay, here. I think this’ll...”
  • Commander Palmer: [static] “-watch your flank, Marine! I know you’re not a Spartan! Spartans shoot straight!”
  • Miller: “Commander Palmer!”
  • Palmer: “Miller, is that you?”
  • Miller: “Just got comms working again.”
  • Palmer: “Nice job. Whole ship’s been silent the last few.”
  • Miller: “Roland, are you there?”
  • UNSC AI Roland: “Kind of busy, Spartan!”
  • Miller: “Roland, Crimson can’t close the doors to Bay 450!”
  • Roland: “Dr. Halsey’s artifact is causing some ship-wide craziness. Go power cycle the engineering level server room. See if that helps.”

Crimson finishes off the last of the Covenant in the hangar.

  • Miller: “Crimson, you can activate that lift to gain access to the server hallway.”

Crimson activates the lift.

  • Miller: “Marking the way to the server room now.”

Crimson rides the lift to the upper level and exits the hangar. They enter the server hallway. UNSC and Covenant troops are battling throughout.

  • Palmer: “[distorted] Miller, I’m en route to Captain Lasky’s position, but comms are still choppy. Can you reach it?”
  • Miller: “Give me a second. Spartan Miller to Captain Lasky! Captain? [static] No reply. Sorry, Commander.”

Crimson clears the Covenant out of the hallway.

  • Miller: “Marking the server room door.”

Crimson enters the server room. A few Covenant are inside.

  • Miller: “Crimson, take out the stragglers! You need time to do this power cycle.”

Crimson clears out the server room.

  • Miller: “Marking the power controls for you now.”

Crimson activates the power controls.

  • Miller: “Servers are coming online. Should be just a minute more.”

Promethean Knights teleport in.

  • Miller: “Promethean Knights! Take ‘em out, Crimson!”
  • Miller: “Servers are 25 percent online.”
  • Miller: “Servers are at 50 and climbing.”
  • Miller: “Reboot’s almost done, Crimson. Just a little longer!”
  • Miller: “Servers are back online!”

Once most of the Prometheans are neutralized:

  • Miller: "Marking the last few Prometheans for you now."

Crimsons finishes off all the Prometheans:

  • Miller: “One last step. This is the ship-wide data link. Activate it and we’re done here.”

Crimson activates the data link.

  • Infinity PA: All Infinity crew with access to Forerunner assets: In the event of any non-standard activity, local area should be evacuated. An event must be reported to Infinity Ops immediately.

Crimson exits the server room.

  • Miller: “Awesome! Roland, power cycle worked! Hangar controls are back online! Can you seal the bay for us?”
  • Roland: “Nothing doing, Spartan. After a power cycle, the controls have to be activated locally.”
  • Miller: “Okay, Crimson. Get moving back to the hangar.”

Crimson heads back to the hangar, encountering some Covenant and Promethean resistance along the way. The hanger is occupied by the Covenant again with a Phantom dropping off more troops.

  • Miller: “More?! Come on! All right, you got this, Crimson.”

Crimson engages the Covenant.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, I need Crimson’s help.”
  • Miller: “They aren’t done sealing up the hangar bay yet.”
  • Roland: “This is important.”
  • Miller: “How important?”
  • Roland: “Infinity might blow up if they don’t fix this problem real soon important!”
  • Miller: “Be quick, Spartans!”

Once the hangar bay is secure:

  • Miller: “All clear! Now close those doors! Roland, you had an emergency?”
  • Roland: “Yeah. Crimson. Engine room. NOW.”

Crimson activates the hangar controls. The doors successfully close this time.

  • Miller: “Good work, Crimson.”
  • Miller: “Your work’s not done yet, Crimson. Get moving towards the engine room.”


Level ends.