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Need To Know
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Warrens, Requiem


Access the Covenant computer.

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Surveillance revealed an underground Covenant intelligence base. Fireteam Crimson is deployed to dig up information on Covenant operations.

Need To Know is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' sixth episode, Scattered.[1]


Having learned about a Covenant intel center from the data extracted in the previous mission, Palmer sends Crimson to infiltrate the facility. Murphy's Phantom drops Crimson off at the Warrens. After dispatching a small Covenant camp outside the facility, the Spartans attempt to access the main doors. The controls fail to respond, so Miller sends them through an alternate route.

Crimson gets inside the facility and clear out the Covenant inside, including a group of cloaked Elites. Their actions trigger an attack by Promethean forces. After dealing with the Prometheans, Crimson locates a computer terminal which Miller hacks. They learn about a Covenant archaeological dig in progress. They also learn about a Covenant supply depot nearby. Palmer sends a message to Fireteam Switchback instructing them to disrupt the dig.

Having completed their mission, Crimson fights their way out of the facility and clears a landing zone for Murphy's Phantom. Palmer then orders Crimson to head to the Covenant supply depot.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson’s Phantom flies over a Covenant-occupied canyon. Some Unggoy are sleeping nearby.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer: “Crimson, the data collected from those Covie computers has tipped us off to a central intel center. I’d like you to poke around.”

Crimson’s Phantom comes in for a landing.

  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy: “Dropping you at the edge of the base, Crimson. See you on the other side.”


Crimson moves out into the canyon. They come across a small Covenant camp. The Grunts are still sleeping.

  • Palmer: "Look at that. Little jerks are sleeping on the job. Quick and quiet, Crimson. Get the drop on them."

Crimson assassinates the sleeping Grunts.

  • SPARTAN Jared Miller: "They didn't even know what hit them. Good work, Crimson."

Once the remaining Covenant are alerted to Crimson's presence:

  • Palmer: “Looks like we get to do this the old fashion way, Spartans. Run-and-gun.”

The Spartans eliminate the remaining Covenant, including a Zealot.

  • Miller: “Excellent work. Head for the door, Crimson.”

Crimson heads to the door. However, the access controls fail to respond.

  • Miller: “Looks like it isn’t opening. Have a look around. There has to be another way in.”

An enemy Phantom appears.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach!”

Phantom deploys more Covenant troops. Crimson deals with them.

  • Palmer: “That’s all of them.”
  • Miller: “Okay, I think I found you another way inside. Marking it now.”

Crimson heads toward the alternate route. An energy shield blocks the way.

  • Miller: “Path’s blocked here. Check that console and see if there’s a way to bring that barrier down.”

Crimson touches the console. The barrier goes offline.

  • Miller: “That should do it. Barrier’s down.”

Crimson enters the passage.

  • Palmer: “It’s quiet... I don’t like it when it’s quiet.”
  • Miller: “There’s movement all over the place. But no visual.”
  • Palmer: “Active camo. Keep your guard up, Crimson.”

Stealth Elites attack Crimson. Crimson defeats the Covenant and soon arrives at the edge of a ridge overlooking a massive cavern. The Spartans move in to investigate.

  • Miller: “Setting waypoint.”
  • Miller: “Multiple contacts!”

Crimson engages the Covenant guards. They move further into the cavern and arrive at the base of a Forerunner structure.

  • Miller: “Incoming! Crimson stirred up the locals!”

Prometheans teleport in and engage Crimson.

Once all enemies are defeated:

  • Miller: “Crimson, there’s a control panel here. Looks like it’s rigged into a Forerunner light bridge system.”

Crimson finds the control panel and activates the light bridge.

  • Miller: “Commander Palmer, the whole structure is lighting up.”

More Prometheans appear.

  • Palmer: “Crimson, looks like flipping the switch got you a bit more than you asked for, but I’m sure you can handle it. Stay the course and find that intel.”

Once Crimson has cleared the area:

  • Palmer: “All right. Let’s see what the Covenant are up to.”

Crimson activates a control panel.

  • Miller: “Extracting intelligence, Commander.”
  • Palmer: “Excellent. Run it through translation and give me the highlights. Crimson, time to catch your ride out of there.”

An enemy Phantom appears. So do more Covenant and Prometheans. Crimson fights their way through the opposition.

  • Palmer: “Doing good, Crimson. What’ve we got, Miller?”
  • Miller: “Covenant are engaged in an archeological dig.”
  • Palmer: “We have got to get these guys a new hobby.”
  • Miller: “Fireteam Switchback is available to investigate.”
  • Palmer: “Contact Switchback’s operator. Let ‘em know I want eyes on that dig.”
  • Miller: “Consider it done.”

Crimson arrives back at the main door leading into the cavern. This time, they are able to open it.

  • Miller: “Commander, there’s something else coming down the translator pipe. A Covie supply depot very close to Crimson’s position.”
  • Palmer: “Murphy, we’re gonna borrow a little more of your time.”
  • Murphy: “Happy to oblige. I can pick up Crimson just as soon as they’ve cleared me a landing spot.”

An enemy Phantom appears.

  • Dalton: “Phantom inbound on Crimson’s position!”
  • Miller: “They’re moving to fortify.”

The Phantom drops a Deployable Lookout Tower.

  • Dalton: “You’ve got drop pods heading Crimson’s way.”

More enemy reinforcements show up.

  • Dalton: “Dalton to Crimson. Phantom coming your way.”

Phantom deploys Hunters.

  • Miller: “Hunters!”

Crimson eliminates most enemies.

  • Miller: "Clean 'em up!"

Once the area is clear:

  • Miller: “Good job.”
  • Murphy: “Coming in for you, Crimson.”

Murphy’s Phantom arrives.

  • Palmer: “Excellent work, everyone. Murphy, set a course for the supply depot. Crimson, ready up and reload. This day’s not over yet.”

Crimson boards the Phantom.


Level ends.


  • If the player activates a console in the alternate route at the beginning before clearing the area and trying the main door, it will trigger a brief bombardment from one of the CRS-class light cruisers overhead.