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This article is about the area in Spartan Ops. For the Covenant vehicle, see Za'zayara-pattern Harvester.
The location designated "Harvester".

Harvester was the UNSC codename for a location on the Forerunner shield world Requiem.


In February 2558, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant sent archaeological teams in this area. They were after one of the Requiem slipspace artifacts, buried in a structure behind one of the canyon walls, and thus brought a Harvester to excavate it.[1] The UNSC Infinity found out about the dig when Fireteam Crimson hacked into a Covenant intel center in the "Warrens" and ordered Spartan Fireteam Switchback to uncover the Covenant projects there. Switchback managed to disable the Harvester, but are overwhelmed by enemies: the leader Cara Costabile was killed, while the team was captured and later imprisoned at the "Warrens." Infinity sent Lieutenant Murphy's stolen Phantom and Fireteam Crimson to investigate. Three Broadswords were also sent to survey the area and soften up the resistance. Crimson only found Switchback's blank IFF tags, but the Spartans themselves were nowhere to be seen. After fighting through numerous Prometheans, Crimson boarded the Harvester. Crimson eliminated the Harvester's crew and severely damaged the controls to ensure that the Harvester was permanently disabled.[2]

The Covenant later retook the area. They captured human scientists in order to repair the Harvester, but they were unsuccessful as the power supply had been destroyed. Later, Fireteam Crimson was once again dispatched to the Harvester location. They needed to find one of the artifacts that could free Infinity from the shield world's orbit. However the Spartans quickly realized that they were the ones who had previously interrupted the Covenant excavation which was uncovering the artifact. They tried to enter the Harvester to activate it, but its entrance was closed. Murphy's Pelican was called in for reinforcement, but three Forerunner anti-aircraft guns threatened him. Roland managed to hack the guns' shields so that Crimson could take them out. The Pelican was then able to approach the Harvester and destroyed its shield door. Crimson entered the vehicle and killed its crew. The Spartans then proceeded to free the scientists, but were unable to activate the Harvester as the power supply had been destroyed.[1] They went to Apex to retrieve a Lich's power supply as a replacement.[3]

Fireteam Crimson then returned to the Harvester. They made their way to the control room and replaced the power supply. They activated the vehicle's plasma drill and the beam burned a hole in the rocky wall. Crimson entered the tunnel and discovered a Forerunner structure hidden in the mountain. They made their way through waves of Prometheans and managed to reach the artifact which they successfully deactivated. The Spartans then proceeded to return outside, but Requiem's unstable gravity made their movements more complicated. Near the entrance, they fought teams of Covenant that were sent to reactivate the artifact. After killing them, Crimson returned to the surface and met with Murphy's Pelican. They made their way through the inner surface's wreckages falling from the sky and managed to escape the planet with Infinity moments before the collision with the sun.[4]


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