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Exodus (cinematic)


In One Way

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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Harvester," Requiem



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Shield world Requiem highly unstable and on trajectory to collide with sun. Fireteams Crimson and Majestic in pursuit of artifacts needed to halt planet's course.

Artifact is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' tenth episode, Exodus.[1]


With Requiem headed towards the sun, Fireteam Crimson returns to the Covenant dig site to find one of the two artifacts binding the UNSC Infinity to the planet. Though most of the Covenant have evacuated Requiem, some true believers have stayed behind to continue the fight. Crimson wipes out the Covenant guarding the dig site, then searches for the artifact using Glassman's coordinates. When all they find is a rock wall, Doctor Glassman informs them that the artifact is hidden somewhere behind the wall. Miller then realizes the Covenant must have been after the artifact as well, explaining why they brought the Harvester that Crimson had previously disabled.

Miller orders Crimson to get onboard the Harvester and finish what the Covenant started. However, the Harvester's entrance is protected by an energy shield. Miller wants to call in a Pelican to bring down the shield, but Dalton informs him that there are enemy anti-aircraft guns nearby. Miller sends Crimson to destroy the guns. Though the Forerunner AA guns are shielded, Roland is able to hack into them and bring the shields down. Dalton sends Crimson some heavy weapons, which they use to destroy the Forerunner AA guns. Crimson then fights their way back to Harvester, defeating several waves of Covenant reinforcements. When they reach the Harvester, Murphy's Pelican arrives and shoots the Harvester's shield, bringing it down.

Crimson boards the Harvester and clears out the Covenant crew. They also rescue some captured scientists who the Covenant were trying to force to repair the Harvester. The scientists inform the Spartans that the Harvester's power supply is destroyed. Roland says he has an idea of where they can get a new power source.



A Pelican swoops down on the Harvester's position. An Unggoy on the ground spots it.

  • UNSC AI Roland (COM): “Let’s be quick about this, yeah? Please.”
  • Roland (COM): “We’re all going to be in the heart of a star real soon if Crimson and Majestic don’t succeed. So, yeah, I’m nervous.”

Grunts and Hunters move into position. The Pelican finishes deploying Fireteam Crimson and lifts off.


  • Miller (COM): “Crimson, looks like you’ve got some true believers staying around while the rest of the Covies evacuate. Push through them and get to Dr. Glassman’s coordinates ASAP.”
  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy (COM): “Fangs out, Crimson.”

Crimson engages the Covenant forces on the ground. Murphy’s Pelican provides some cover fire. Once the immediate area is clear, Crimson heads toward the waypoint.

After clearing out the heavy Covenant presence guarding the area, the Spartans move to the waypoint, but find nothing of interest.

  • Miller (COM): “You’ve reached the coordinates... Dr. Glassman, you online?”
  • Miller (COM): “Crimson’s where you said they should be. All they’ve found is a big rock.”
  • Glassman (COM): “The artifact is inside that rock wall.”
  • Miller (COM): “Crimson! Drop pods in the sky!”

Enemy drop pods descend on Crimson’s location and unleash many high-ranking Sangheili soldiers, along with Kig-Yar and Unggoy for support.

  • Miller (COM): “Get inside the Harvester and fire it up again. We’ll finish what they started.”

The entrance to the Harvester is blocked by an energy shield.

  • Miller (COM): “Can’t see a way to bring that shield down aside from brute forcing it. Dalton, Crimson could use some firepower.”
  • Robert Dalton (COM): “How strong? Rocket launchers? Spartan lasers?”
  • Miller (COM): “I was thinking more along the lines of air support.”
  • Dalton (COM): “Miller, there’s anti-air stationed near Crimson’s position.”
  • Miller (COM): “Get a pilot on station. The corridor will be clear shortly. Crimson, move in on the anti-air. Find a way to bring it down.”

New waypoint is set. Crimson heads off for the anti-air guns. They kill any Covenant in the way.

Upon reaching the Forerunner AA guns:

  • Miller (COM): “Roland, the anti-air looks to be shielded.”
  • Roland (COM): “I bet you want an idea for how to bring them down.”
  • Miller (COM): “Wouldn’t mind one.”
  • Roland (COM): “Me either. Give me a second here.”
  • Miller (COM): “Drop pod incoming!”

Drop pod descends and deploys more enemies. Crimson dispatches them.

  • Roland (COM): “Hah! Whatever Covie set up those shields forgot to change the default remote deactivation code. If I broadcast that - boom. No more shields.”
  • Miller (COM): “Well done, Roland. Crimson, hit those guns! Dalton, do the AA guns stop you from sending ordnance?”
  • Dalton (COM): “They do not. Sending Crimson some big guns right now.”

Heavy weapons are dropped off for Crimson.

  • Miller (COM): “Alright, Crimson. Brute force it. Shoot it till it breaks.”

Crimson uses the heavy weapons to take out two AA turrets.

  • Miller (COM): “Good stuff, Crimson! Two guns down.”
  • Dalton (COM): “Still one more on the upper ridge.”
  • Miller (COM): “Acknowledged, Dalton. Crimson’s on it.”

Crimson approaches the third AA gun.

  • Miller (COM): “Roland, shield’s still up.”
  • Roland (COM): “Working on it.”

An enemy Phantom rises over the ridge.

  • Miller (COM): “Reinforcements! Take ‘em out!”

The Phantom deploys a pair of Hunters. Crimson defeats them both.

  • Roland (COM): “Success! Shield down!”
  • Miller (COM): “Get that last one, Crimson.”

Crimson destroys the final AA gun.

  • Miller (COM): “Gun’s down! Excellent, Crimson! Fall back to the Harvester.”
  • Miller (COM): “Covenant drop pods inbound!”

Drop pods land in front of Crimson and deploy more enemy troops. Crimson dispatches them all and makes their way back to the Harvester. Sangheili and Kig-Yar snipers try to stop them, but fail.

  • Miller (COM): “Dalton! Air corridor is clear.”
  • Dalton (COM): “Dalton to Lieutenant Murphy. You’ve got a green light.”
  • Murphy (COM): “Affirmative, Infinity.”

Murphy’s Pelican arrives and blasts the Harvester’s shield, bringing it down.

  • Murphy (COM): “Boom! Shield’s down!”
  • Miller (COM): “Crimson, get inside the Harvester and let’s see what we’ve got to work with.”

Crimson moves into the Harvester and engages the Covenant inside.

  • Miller (COM): “Science Team?! Crimson, clear the area so we can evac the big brains.”

Crimson clears out the Harvester.

  • Miller (COM): “All clear! Free the Science Team.”

Crimson deactivates one of the control consoles for the shield wall trapping the scientists.

  • Miller (COM): "One down."

Crimson deactivates the shield wall trapping the scientists.

  • Dr. Russell: “They were trying to make us fix the Harvester. But the power supply is destroyed. There was nothing we could do.”
  • Miller (COM): “Doctor, we’re going to get you a ride out of here. Sit tight. Crimson, check the power supply.”

The scientists evacuate, while Crimson investigates the Harvester's power supply. The damage inflicted in the previous raid is still present.

Crimson tries to activate a damaged control console. The console makes a groaning sound and spews out sparks. It's clearly not functioning.

  • Miller (COM): “That doesn’t look good. Roland, where the hell are we gonna find a Covenant Harvester power supply?”
  • Roland (COM): “I think I know... but it’s not close.”
  • Miller (COM): “What do you have in mind?”
  • Roland (COM): “Can Crimson get a ride?”
  • Dalton (COM): “That they can.”
  • Miller (COM): “Spartans, move to the evac zone.”

Crimson exits the Harvester. Murphy’s Pelican is waiting for them outside.

  • Murphy (COM): “On station and ready for pickup, Spartans.”
  • Miller (COM): “Load up. Let’s move, Crimson. Roland, tell me more about what we’re chasing after.”

Fade to black.


Level ends.


  • If you kill the captive scientists, all players instantly die.