Hairy Call

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Didact's Hand (cinematic)


Rally Point

Hairy Call
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Sniper Alley", Requiem


  • Tap into Covenant communications.
  • Clear an LZ.
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We have discovered Covenant are using a Requiem comm net to communicate secretly.

Hairy Call is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' fourth episode, Didact's Hand.[1]


Infinity's Science Team has determined the reason for the low volume of Covenant comm traffic on Reqiuem: the Covenant are utilizing the Forerunner subnet instead. Fireteam Crimson is deployed to Sniper Alley to tap into the Covenant's communications on the subnet.

Upon landing they fight their way up through the canyon and toward the top of the structure. As they approach their objective, handler Jared Miller is able to locate a pair of switches which allows the Science Team to tap into the Covenant comm network. As Crimson heads back the way they came, they find their path is blocked by waves of Covenant reinforcements. They are forced to fight their way back to the LZ.

Throughout the mission, Robert Dalton realizes that he is unable to track incoming Covenant aircraft. After ruling out any problems with his own equipment, Dalton determines that one of the Covenant ships must be carrying a jammer. Crimson clears the LZ and Pelican lands to extract them. Dalton determines the origin point of the jammer, which is near Crimson's position. Commander Sarah Palmer then deploys Crimson to deactivate it.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


The camera pans across the cliffs of Sniper Alley. A pair of Grunts stand idle. A Pelican flies over the canyon.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, we're on the hunt for Jul 'Mdama. This hingehead freak's been killing good soldiers on Reqiuem, including the Spartans of Castle team. Today... we're taking the first step towards getting revenge."

As the Pelican descends into the canyon, the grunts turn toward the camera and flee in panic.


  • Palmer: "Infinity Science has finally figured out why Covenant comm traffic is so low on Requiem. Turns out the Covies are channeling most of their comms through a Forerunner subnet. So with the help of the geeks, we're going to tap their party line and listen in. Miller, show Crimson where to go."

A waypoint appears up at the structure.

  • Miller: "Waypoint's up."

Crimson enters a clearing and are fired upon by a turret.

  • Miller: "Crimson, keep an eye on those turrets."
  • Palmer: "Miller, we need to discuss your fascination with telling Crimson what's shooting at them all the time."

As the player nears the waypoint.

  • Palmer: "Miller? Status?"
  • Miller: "Working on it, Commander."
  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, be advised that Covenant drop pods are inbound on multiple Fireteam positions!"
  • Miller: "Got a few coming down near Crimson right now!"

Several drop pods deposit Covenant reinforcements.

  • Palmer: "Dalton, why didn't we see these sooner?"
  • Dalton: "Unclear, Commander. Working on it right now."

Crimson kills most of the reinforcements.

  • Miller: "Area's not secure yet. Marking your last few targets."

Markers appear on the last few Covenant. Crimson kills them.

  • Palmer: "Well done."


  • Palmer: "Well played, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Infinity Science says this is the spot where we can activate the comm tap."
  • Palmer: "You see anything, Crimson?"
  • Miller: "There's where science believes is the switch."

A waypoint appears atop the structure.

  • Palmer: "Do it. Let's see if the eggheads know what they're talking about."

The player activates the switch.

  • Miller: "Crimson has activated some pylons, Commander. If Science Team's right, they'll serve to eavesdrop on the Covies."
  • Palmer: "Get up there, Crimson. I want to hear what the Covenant have to say."
  • Miller: "Crimson, I'm sending you targets to activate. Science Team believes they'll allow us to listen freely."

A waypoint appears at the very top level of the structure. At the same time a drop pod descends and deploys Covenant reinforcements.

The player hits the switch. An Elite is heard speaking on the comm in Sangheili. It sounds angry, possibly insulting.

  • Palmer: "Yeah. Right. Miller, send the comm traffic over to Intel. Crimson, fall back to the extraction point. Good work down there."

Crimson heads back the way they came, only to find their path blocked as drop pods deploy reinforcements, including a pair of Hunters.

  • Miller: "Crimson! There's a Phantom heading your way."
  • Palmer: "Dalton! What the hell? You're usually on it with the airspace policing."
  • Dalton: "Commander, Covenant aircraft are just popping in and out. I don't know what's going on."
  • Palmer: "Well, figure it out!"
  • Dalton: "Commander, I'm running diagnostics as fast as I can, and they're reading all green lights. Best guess is the Covies have a jamming system on one of the ships."
  • Palmer: "Commander Palmer to all Fireteams: Be advised that Covenant aircraft may be hiding in plain sight. Don't rely solely on your gear down there. Use your eyes, people."

As Crimson reaches the end of the structure two more drop pods descend from the sky. The player kills these Covenant and proceeds back toward the canyon.

  • Miller: "Don't relax yet. You've got more hostiles headed your way."

Another drop pod and Phantom descend into the canyon, followed by a Phantom. Crimson kills most of the Covenant.

  • Miller: "Area's not secure yet. Marking your last few targets."

Markers appear on the last few Covenant. Crimson kills them all.

  • Palmer: "Great job, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Pelican inbound, Crimson."
  • Dalton: "Commander! I think I've sourced the origin point for the Covenant jammer. It's actually pretty close to Crimson's extraction point."
  • Palmer: "Nice, Dalton."


Level ends.