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Artifact (cinematic)


For Science

Clean Up


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Gate", Requiem


Clear the area of enemy forces.


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Marine forces have failed to neutralize a Covenant stronghold and are requesting Spartan assistance.

Clean Up is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' second episode, Artifact.[1]


UNSC Marines request Spartan assistance after failing to neutralize a Covenant stronghold as well as Forerunner anti-air turrets. Commander Palmer responds by sending Fireteam Crimson to seize control of the area. Crimson engage the Covenant, mostly consisting of Unggoy and Kig-Yar warriors. Upon getting closer to the structure, Crimson encounters Promethean Watchers. After clearing all Covenant in the area, Crimson is directed by Jared Miller to two pylons powering the Forerunner turrets. In the process of disabling the pylons, Crimson fights off Promethean Crawlers supported by more Watchers.

After disabling the pylons, the turrets are deactivated. Before Crimson is extracted however, Miller picks up a slipspace anomaly nearby. Crimson is ordered to investigate. They encounter more Promethean forces, including multiple Knights, who translocate into the area. Crimson is forced to clear the area again. After doing so, Robert Dalton directs a Pelican dropship for Crimson's extraction. As the Pelican arrives, Miller receives a distress call from a Science team who request for UNSC assistance. Palmer acknowledges and immediately sends Fireteam Crimson on the way.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Pan to "the Gate" where four anti-air guns are firing into the air. A Jackal Heavy stands on a rocky outcrop.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, your job today is to dig out some nasty Covenant squatters. They've parked themselves in a hole with anti-air guns and are proving themselves to be quite a pain in the UNSC's ass. Hit 'em fast, hit 'em hard, don't leave anyone standing."


  • Miller: "Whoa! Mounted turrets."
  • Palmer: "Take it slow, Crimson. No need to rush."
  • Miller: "Commander, there's a few Watchers in the air."
  • Palmer: "So not just Covenant, but Prometheans too. Noted."

After the player reaches the top of the structure and kills all of the Covenant.

  • Miller: "Watchers!"
  • Palmer: "Heads up!"

After the player kills several Watchers.

  • Miller: "Almost done. Just a few to go."

The player kills the last Watcher.

  • Miller: "Area's clear, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Let's get those AA guns offline."
  • Miller: "Marking the conduit pylons now. There you go, Crimson."

Two waypoints appear at either side of the structure's base.

The player approaches the first waypoint several Crawlers and Watchers appear.

  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, how long until those guns are offline? I can't get a bird within ten klicks of that location."
  • Palmer: "Settle down, Dalton, we're working on it."

The player activates one switch.

  • Miller: "One pylon offline."

As the player nears the second waypoint several more Crawlers and Watchers appear.

The player activates the second switch.

  • Miller: "That's both pylons, Commander - whoa! A slipspace signature just blipped near Crimson."
  • Palmer: "Point the way, Miller. Let's have a look."

A waypoint appears near the front of the structure. More Watchers and Crawlers appear.

  • Miller: "Lots of activity nearby. Be ready for anything, Crimson."
  • Palmer: "Dalton, Crimson could use some resupply."
  • Dalton: "You got it, Commander."

Four ordnance pods containing two rocket launchers, a railgun and a SAW drop at the base of the structure. As the player approaches the pods several Promethean Knights appear.

  • Miller: "Oh, man! Knights!"

More Knights phase in.

  • Miller: "Prometheans! Multiple targets. All directions."
  • Palmer: "Stay focused, Crimson. Take them down."

After the player kills most of the Prometheans.

  • Miller: "You're almost there! Hell yeah!"
  • Palmer: "Miller. A bit of decorum, please?"

All Prometheans are neutralized:

  • Miller: "That's the last of them, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Dalton, a ride home for Crimson, please."
  • Dalton: "You got it, Commander."

A Pelican approaches and hovers in front of the structure.

  • Miller: "Commander Palmer, distress call coming in. It's the science team investigating where Crimson recovered that Forerunner artifact."
  • Palmer: "Distress?"
  • Miller: "Heavy Covenant forces bearing on their position. They've taken refuge, but they need extraction."
  • Palmer: "Miller, tell them help's on the way. Dalton, change of plans. Crimson's going to rescue some eggheads."


Level ends.