Majestic Rescue

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Unfinished Business



Majestic Rescue
EP8 CH2 Majestic Rescue.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Cyclone, Requiem


Destroy the Covenant artillery.

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Fireteam Majestic faces heavy fire from Covenant artillery and are requesting backup. Fireteam Crimson is being sent in to kick some ass.

Majestic Rescue is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' eighth episode, Expendable.[1]


Fireteams Crimson and Kodiak arrive at Cyclone to reinforce Fireteam Majestic, who are under attack by three Covenant artillery batteries. Early in the fight, Fireteam Kodiak's Pelican is hit, and Murphy is forced to withdraw. Crimson locates one of the artillery batteries, but its shields are too strong. Miller suggests destroying the two energy conduits nearby. Crimson does so, and the gun overheats and explodes. Crimson then locates and takes out the conduits for the other two guns, causing them to overload as well. During this time, Miller notices that the Covenant seem to be able to predict the Spartans' every move.

With the guns down, Crimson prepares for evac. However, the area is still occupied by Covenant ground forces including Wraiths and Hunters, as well as an enemy Phantom in the air. Crimson and their allies clean out the Covenant troops. The Phantom accidentally (or deliberately) crashes into the canyon. With all enemies neutralized, Murphy returns to pick up Crimson. They then receive a call from Fireteam Lancer, reporting the discovery of a Covenant base in the hills. Palmer orders Crimson to assist Lancer in destroying the base.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Two UNSC Pelicans approach a Forerunner structure built into a canyon.

  • Commander Palmer: “Majestic, hang tight. We’re about to deal with your artillery trouble.”
  • DeMarco: “Understood, Commander.”

Pelicans come in for a landing.

  • Jared Miller: “Commander, the Covies were ready for us. Like they knew we were coming.”
  • Palmer: “Don’t be paranoid, Miller.”


  • Murphy: “Dropping Crimson in the fire.”
  • Dalton: “Dalton to Commander Palmer. Fireteam Kodiak is on station. Warthogs deployed.”

Crimson and Marines engage the Covenant forces.

  • Murphy: “Covies hit Kodiak’s Pelican! They’re down!”
  • Miller: “Fallback, Murphy! Crimson will call when they need a ride home. Neutralize all targets!”

Crimson defeats a wave of incoming Covenant.

  • Palmer: “Lined up in a neat little row for you, Crimson. They make it too easy.”

Crimson reaches the first Covenant artillery piece. Two large sphere-shaped conduits are positioned nearby.

Crimson attacks the artillery piece, but its shields are too strong.

  • Miller: “Commander, that shield isn’t going to come down with what Crimson is carrying. But there’s an energy conduit nearby that heats up whenever the artillery fires.”
  • Palmer: “Power source, huh? Try hitting the conduit, Crimson!”

Crimson attacks one of the conduits. The artillery piece begins to shudder violently.

  • Palmer: “I’m no scientist, but I’d say that did something.”
  • Miller: “I get it: Without the conduits, the gun overloads!”
  • Palmer: “Keep hitting the conduit, Crimson!”

The first conduit is destroyed.

  • Miller: “Conduit destroyed!”
  • Palmer: “But that artillery is still firing.”
  • Miller: “Looks like the artillery is destabilizing.”
  • Palmer: “So if Crimson hits the other conduit...”
  • Miller: “That’s what I’m thinking too.”

Second conduit is destroyed.

  • Miller: “That’s the last conduit. You may want to back away, Crimson. When that artillery fires again, it’s gonna be a mess.”

The first artillery piece explodes.

  • Miller: “Success!”
  • Palmer: “All right, one down! Hit the rest of the emplacements, Crimson.”

Crimson moves out to search for the second artillery emplacement.

  • Miller: "Covenant are falling back to the next artillery."
  • Palmer: "Stay on their heels, Crimson."

Conduits for second artillery piece are located and destroyed."

  • Palmer: "Crimson! Fall back before that gun tries to fire again!"

Second artillery piece overheats and explodes.

  • Palmer: “That’s two!”
  • DeMarco: “How many more to go, Commander?”
  • Palmer: “Just one, DeMarco. Relax.”
  • Miller: “Covenant massing at the final artillery!”
  • Palmer: “They wanna go down with the ship? Sink ‘em.”
  • Miller: “Strange...”
  • Palmer: “Elaborate, Miller.”
  • Miller: “Uh, just a second after I directed Crimson to the artillery, the Covenant made for it as well.”
  • Palmer: “Could be a coincidence...”
  • Miller: (not convinced) “Yeah...”
  • Palmer: “Not a coincidence, is it?”
  • Miller: “I’ll keep an eye on it.”
  • Dalton: “Phantoms near Crimson’s location, Commander.”

Phantom deploys enemy reinforcements, including a pair of Hunters.

Third artillery piece is destroyed:

  • Palmer: “That's two. Fallback. Secure the LZ so Murphy can pull you out of there.”

After the area is cleared:

  • Palmer: “Miller, bring Crimson home.”
  • Miller: “You got it, Commander. Murphy, Crimson’s ready for pick up.”
  • Murphy: “Actually, Spartans, you got Phantoms in the area.”
  • Miller: “He’s right, Commander. Phantom dropping reinforcements. I’m having Dalton drop some extra gear for you now.”

If the player has activated the RvB Easter egg.

  • Caboose: “Six crates of elbow grease and headlight fluid inbound now!“

Supplies rain down near Crimson’s position. At the same time, the enemy Phantom deploys reinforcements, including a Wraith and two more Hunters. Promethean Watchers also phase onto the battlefield.

  • Palmer: “Phantom on approach. Find some cover!”

The enemy Phantom approaches the LZ but comes in too fast. The ship crashes into the canyon wall and explodes.

  • Miller: “Mop up the last of them!”

Crimson finishes off the last few remaining enemies:

  • Miller: “Phantom down! Air is clear! Come on down, Murphy.”
  • Murphy: “On my way.”
  • Fireteam Lancer Leader: “Infinity, Fireteam Lancer. We got a situation in Apex. Covenant nest in the hills.”
  • Palmer: “Acknowledged, Lancer. Spartans, looks like there’s one more quick job before you get to come home.”

Murphy's Pelican arrives. Crimson gets on board.


Level ends.


  • The eight Red vs. Blue Easter Egg of Season 1 can be found on this level. After Miller tells Crimson that Dalton will send more gear, Caboose will say: "Six crates of elbow grease and headlight fluid inbound now!"


  • After the third artillery piece is destroyed, Palmer says "That's two."
    • However, she may be referring to the second energy conduit of the third artillery piece, rather than the artillery piece itself.