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Random Transport
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Fortress", Requiem


Defeat the Covenant attack and continue tracking Jul 'Mdama.

Halopedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, Didact's Hand/Random Transport. See Didact's Hand/Random Transport/Walkthrough.
During previous Op, Fireteam Crimson stepped through a portal. Current whereabouts unknown.

Random Transport is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' fourth episode, Didact's Hand.[1]


After entering the Slipspace portal at the Two Giants, Fireteam Crimson emerges at the Fortress where they are immediately engaged by Covenant forces. After re-establishing contact with the UNSC Infinity, Crimson defends themselves from waves of Covenant attackers while the crew aboard Infinity try to track Jul 'Mdama. Roland reveals that what they had previously believed to be signal relays are actually slipspace portals, and eventually Spartan Jared Miller identifies the portal 'Mdama took. Crimson activates it and pursues him through it.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson appears midair and lands atop one of the Fortress's outlying structures. They immediately come under fire from Covenant forces.

  • Palmer: "So where the hell did Crimson go?"
  • Miller: "No idea, Commander. I'm working on it."
  • Roland: "Commander Palmer? If you don't mind. I've located Crimson's IFF tags. They're in one of the arctic comm forts."
  • Palmer: "Whoa. OK. Thanks, Roland. Bit of a jump there, Crimson."
  • Palmer: "Miller, what can we do to clear up the transmission?"
  • Miller: "Working on it, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, I don't know if you can hear me, but you're boxed in. Only way out is through the bad guys."
  • Miller: "Commander, there's a UNSC relay still online. If Crimson can reach that, it should clear our transmissions. Painting a waypoint for them now."

Crimson approaches the waypoint.

  • Miller: "Ah! There it is!"

The player activates the relay.

  • Palmer: "Much better, Crimson. Miller, now that we can see straight, where's Jul 'Mdama?"
  • Miller: "There was another slipspace rupture at this location just before Crimson's arrival. Looking into it."

A drop pod descends from the sky.

  • Miller: "Drop pod incoming!"
  • Palmer: "Miller!"
  • Miller: "I'm trying! Hang on!"
  • Roland: "I'm bored."
  • Palmer: "Roland? Clear the channel."
  • Roland: "That data that's confusing Spartan Miller is only confusing because he still thinks forts are comm relays."
  • Miller: "So what are they really?"
  • Roland: "They're a portal nexus. Just like back at those towers. Thought it'd be obvious by now."
  • Miller: "Do you see a way to activate the portals, Roland?"
  • Roland: "Of course. Can I turn on the waypoints for Crimson? It's exciting being part of an Op!"
  • Miller: "Go ahead."
  • Palmer: "Hey! Protocols, Miller!"
  • Roland: "There you are, Crimson! Get up there! I command it! Ok, now I'm... now I'm bored again. Bye."

A waypoint appears at the top of the Fortress. Numerous drop pods descend from the sky.

  • Miller: "Heads up, drop pods incoming!"


  • Miller: "Drop pods coming down near your position, Crimson."
  • Miller: "Crimson! Oh no!"


  • Palmer: "Drop pods, coming your way!"

The player activates the console.

  • Miller: "Commander, two portal activators just powered up."
  • Palmer: "Which did Jul use?"
  • Miller: "Not sure. But now that I know what these things are, I can probably figure that out if Crimson gets a closer look."
  • Palmer: "Show 'em where to go, Miller."
  • Miller: "Either one of these waypoints should do it, Crimson."

Waypoints appear on two of the outlying structures. The player activates one of them.

  • Miller: "Okay, stay put for just a moment..."
  • Miller: "No... last activation date on this portal is days ago. It's not the one 'Mdama activated."
  • Palmer: "Get ready. Covenant drop pods inbound."

The player activates the second waypoint.

  • Miller: "That's the one, Commander! Jul 'Mdama came through here just a few minutes ago."
  • Palmer: "It's turned on. Where's the portal?"
  • Miller: "Almost got it."
  • Miller: "Drop pods coming down near your position, Crimson!"


  • Miller: "Crimson! Drop pods in the sky!"


  • Palmer: "Drop pods, coming your way!"
  • Miller: "Got it! Painting a waypoint now."
  • Palmer: "There's your doorway, Crimson. Get in there."

A waypoint appears on a portal which has activated at the top of the Fortress.

  • Palmer: "Get moving, Crimson. We've got a hingehead to chase."


Level ends.