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The Challenge





Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Refuge", Requiem


Investigate Forerunner jungle structure and extract relevant data.


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Infinity Science requests a Spartan Fireteam scout a suspicious structure. Caution advised.

Sacred is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' first episode, Departure.[1]


Infinity science personnel request a Spartan Fireteam to investigate a Forerunner structure located within Requiem's jungle. Commander Palmer, impressed from their previous mission, sends Fireteam Crimson to scout out the area. Crimson enters a large atrium inside the structure and encounter no hostiles. The place is seemingly abandoned until Jared Miller, Crimsons mission handler, picks up power fluctuations coming from the back-end of the facility. Crimson proceeds to the power source and encounters Promethean Crawlers guarding a star map. They are ordered to extract the data from a nearby console. As Miller establishes an up-link to extract the data, Crimson fend off multiple Crawlers who translocate near them. With the data pulled, Palmer orders Crimson to pull-back and await for extraction. As Crimson leaves, they run into a group of Promethean Knights.

The situation goes awry when the structure's main entrance is closed and more Promethean forces show up. Crimson is forced to defend themselves. Miller finds a way for the Spartans to escape, and points them to a console that controls the facility's door. Crimson activates the controls and are ordered to clear out any remaining hostiles. With the structure secured and the data uploaded, the mission is a success. Spartan Robert Dalton arrives with a Pelican dropship for extraction.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


The camera pans through the Refuge, finally focusing on a star map at the far end of the map.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, good work showing Majestic Team how it's done. DeMarco'll be mad about that for days. I need a fireteam I can depend on, and until you prove otherwise, you're it. Infinity Science has identified a jungle structure they want to see up close. I want boots on the ground before the eggheads go poking at every shiny object they find."


  • Palmer: "Looking all quiet, Crimson. I think you have the place to yourselves."
  • Miller: "Commander? Power fluctuation at the back corner of the facility. Somebody's been here recently, and they left the lights on. Marking a waypoint."
  • Palmer: "Let's have a look."

A waypoint appears at the rear of the facility. As a player draws close several Crawlers appear and open fire on Crimson.

  • Palmer: "This is why I didn't let Science Team go in there alone. Pop 'em and move on."

Crimson reaches the waypoint set on the star map.

  • Miller: "Commander, Crimson has reached the source of the power fluctuations."
  • Palmer: "That's a star map. See if you can access the data."

The player accesses the switch.

  • Miller: "Uplink established. Pulling data now."

More Crawlers appear.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, heads up! Crawlers!"
  • Miller: "Commander, we pulled all the data the map had to offer."
  • Palmer: "Okay, Crimson. This was only ever recon. I'm pulling you out until Science Team can review that data. Miller, mark the extraction point."

A waypoint appears at the far end of the facility.

  • Miller: "Waypoint's up, Commander."

As Crimson makes its way down the hallway a Promethean Knight translocates and blocks their path.

  • Miller: "Crimson! Watch out!"
  • Palmer: "Knights are nasty customers, but you can deal with them. Keep them front and center, and don't stop shooting until they pop."

As the player nears the facility's exit the doors suddenly close and another wave of Prometheans appear.

  • Palmer: "Spartan Miller! Where did Crimson's egress disappear to?"
  • Miller: "Commander, the building's walls are moving! Path to extraction is blocked!"
  • Palmer: "Find them a way out, Miller!"
  • Miller: "I'm trying, Commander!"
  • Palmer: "Make it quick!"
  • Miller: "Commander, I think I've found controls for the door. Marking a waypoint now."

A waypoint appears on the player's HUD.

  • Palmer: "Move it, Crimson!"

The player activates the switch.

  • Miller: "That did it! Path is clear!"
  • Palmer: "Hold up, Crimson. That place still isn't safe for science-types. Clear the area of all hostiles so those eggheads don't get hurt."

Promethean Watchers appear

  • Miller: "Commander! Watchers on station!"
  • Palmer: "Pop those flyers quick, or they'll resurrect their buddies!"

Crimson clears the area:

  • Miller: "No more hostiles on radar."
  • Palmer: "Everything's baby-proofed? Good stuff. Dalton. I need a ride for Crimson at their new extraction location."
  • Dalton: "Already on it, Commander. Pelican is on station above the facility. Just need to tell them where to land."
  • Palmer: "Nice work, Crimson. Miller, get that data over to Science Team and see what they can get from it. It better be something worthwhile."

Fireteam Crimson exits the same way they arrived.


Level ends.