The Refuge (Requiem location)

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This article is about the location on Requiem. You may be looking for the Halo Online map, the Halo 3 achievement or for the homeworld of the Ussans.
The main area of the Refuge.

The Refuge, designated Site Req//7848-2328[1] is the UNSC codename for a jungle location on the Forerunner shield world Requiem. The chamber known as The Refuge acted as a safe house within Requiem, located deep in the northern jungles region.


The site dubbed "The Refuge" was of great interest for the UNSC Infinity for the extent of its campaign. Although the site's full purpose during the time of the Forerunners remains unknown, the Refuge's near-inaccessibility deep within the vast northern jungle regions of the planet and its heavily fortified compartments hinted at it being a safe house of some sort. The discovery of a translocation conduit further validated this theory, in that Requiem’s occupants could activate a portal, safely delivering them to this site were the planet ever besieged by outside forces.[2]


In July 2557, the Ur-Didact was released of his Cryptum by Spartan John-117 and the Smart AI Cortana. After the Didact collapsed the Core of Requiem when he translocated his Cryptum into slipspace, both Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces and the Didact's Promethean forces in the Cryptum chamber were sent to The Refuge, where Jul 'Mdama would then forge an alliance with the Forerunner and be named "the Hand of the Didact".[3]

Six months later, on February 2558, Commander Sarah Palmer sent Fireteam Crimson to scout The Refuge at the behest of UNSC Infinity's science team. Though the area seemed empty, Jared Miller located Promethean Crawlers guarding a star map. Crimson uploaded the data, and prepared to leave to be extracted by Robert Dalton's Pelican. The door closed on Crimson and they had to fight off Promethean Knights before the door could be reopened.[4]

Science Team Gagarin was sent to the facility and activated a Forerunner artifact that caused the team to vanish. Crimson returned to investigate what happened to Gagarin. Prometheans attacked them as they gradually switched off the activated Forerunner technology, but the constructs were defeated by the Spartans. Crimson shut down four power generators and then left, with Marines being sent to guard the Refuge. Although Gagarin's true fate was not uncovered, Jared Miller theorized that something similar to the the artifact that took Dr. Henry Glassman may have translocated the team.[5]

Another science team was sent to the facility, led by Leslie Boyd. Using equipment at "The Gate," Boyd was then able to control the Slipspace translocation system on the planet. Crimson was teleported from "the Gate" to the Refuge where the base soon came under attack by a large number of Prometheans going after the portal technology. A few scientists had been left outside during the attack and were soon targeted as well, forcing Crimson to defend them. Eventually Dr. Ruiz figured out how to shut down the portal system and Crimson was able to halt the Prometheans' attack by destroying a device within the Refuge.[6] Marines from Warbird Company arrived to reinforce the area, but Covenant soon attacked them and Crimson. The Covenant deployed a shield cornering some Marines. Roland was able to hack the shield and make it vulnerable to small arms fire, allowing Crimson to destroy the shield and aid the Marines. The Silent Blade Covenant unit then began to reach the scientists in the safe room, while a Zanar-pattern light cruiser arrived to lay siege over the Refuge. Fireteam Shadow was called upon to board and destroy the cruiser while Crimson defended the location. At first, Shadow encountered heavy resistance but was eventually able to overload the cruiser's power core and destroy it, halting the Covenant attack.[7][8]


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