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Battle of Galileo Base


Battle at The Refuge


Assault on Magma Base

A screenshot of Panom's Canticle.


Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 14, 2558[1]


Requiem, Epoloch system[1]


UNSC victory


From Halo Nation originally.UNSC

Original from HN. Jul 'Mdama's Covenant


Horatio Fry[1][2]

Ryn 'Alun[1]



  • Panom's Canticle[1]
    • An unknown number of troops

Operation: VERTICAL UMBRAGE was a boarding mission to destroy Covenant cruiser Panom's Canticle during the Requiem Campaign, on February 14, 2558. It was conducted by the Spartans-IVs of the UNSC Fireteam Shadow.[1][2]


During the Requiem campaign in February 2558, Promethean forces allied with Jul 'Mdama's Covenant launched an attack on The Refuge, where the science team from UNSC Infinity were studying the Forerunner shield world's local slipspace translocation technology. Fireteam Crimson, stationed at The Refuge, identified and disabled the device that enabled the Prometheans to teleport into the facility.[3] Crimson remained at the facility until additional UNSC forces arrived to secure the location. However, upon the arrival of Warbird Company, the Panom's Canticle arrived and launched a second assault on The Refuge.[2] Ryn 'Alun, the Panom's Canticle's starship commander, had been tasked with repelling the UNSC forces at The Refuge.[1] He had for this in particular deployed his personal special unit, the Silent Blade.[2]

Meanwhile, Spartans Horatio Fry, Nina Kovan, Bonita Stone, and Jason Kidman of the Fireteam Shadow were dispatched to the Requiem shield world to neutralize a Covenant base established two days earlier, and serving to produce fighters at a rate supported. After Stone eliminated patrols around the site, Kidman's TQ-8 drones were to create a breach allowing Fry and Stone to break into the base to shut down production. Kovan was to remain under observation. The latter also carried a special variant of the Spartan M6/E laser, the Selene's Lance, in case more firepower was needed.[1]

However, as Fry was about to give the signal to his Spartans, he was contacted by Spartan Jared Miller who reassigned his team on a priority operation to destroy the cruiser Panom's Canticle at The Refuge which was threatening Fireteam Crimson. Being too far from her Pelican, Shadow stole a Phantom to get there.[1]


"Shadow Leader to Spartan Miller. Sorry for the delay, Sir. We're meeting heavy resistance in the cruiser. Seems like they don't want their spaceship blown up."
— Horatio Fry to Miller.[2]

Aboard the stolen Phantom, Shadow took advantage of the surprise to rush into the Panom's Canticle hangar before the shields were activated by the crew. Ship Commander 'Alun, certain that the intruders would try to attack the core of the reactor, went there without delay with several other Sangheili.[1]

Shadow made rapid progress through the ship but encountered heavy resistance as he approached the core. As Fry, Kovan, and Kidman cleared out the last Covenant soldiers in the hallway leading to the main reactor room, Stone had already infiltrated there, armed with her active camouflage. When the three Spartans burst into the hall, they faced 'Alun accompanied by a dozen Silent Blade Sangheili. The two groups also engaged in combat and Fry was pinned to the ground by 'Alun who nearly killed him with his energy sword before Stone, still camouflaged, threw the Sangheili aside.[1]

Kovan armed himself with the Spartan laser and fired the core five times, causing the reactor to overload. 'Alun ordered his crew to abandon ship, and Shadow also hurried to the drop pod bay before the cruiser's impending explosion.[1]


All members of Fireteam Shadow escaped the destruction of Panom's Canticle, which crashed into the surrounding jungle. Ryn 'Alun also survived, now driven by a desire for vengeance against the Spartans of Shadow.[1][2]

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