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"Crimson, Infinity’s been boarded. We’re under attack! I’m canceling your op and bringing you home! Marking the quickest way out of that mess for you, Crimson."
— Jared Miller[1]

The Skirmish at Apex was a skirmish in the Requiem Campaign between Fireteam Crimson aided by a stolen Phantom piloted by Lieutenant TJ Murphy and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant at "Apex" due to an aborted mission.


While searching for the missing Spartan Gabriel Thorne, Fireteam Crimson was ambushed at the "Quarry" and captured.[2] Taken to "Lockup," Crimson managed to escape with the help of Jared Miller and Robert Dalton and rescued Icebreaker squad who were held captive at the facility as well. Lieutenant TJ Murphy of Icebreaker squad successfully managed to hijack a Covenant Phantom which he and Crimson used to escape from "Lockup."[3]

Following their escape, Crimson's Phantom, mistaken by the Covenant for one of their own, was ordered to land at "Control." Crimson was able to infiltrate the facility and access three Covenant comm relays, allowing Roland to implant computer worms into them in order to access the data. Crimson then made their escape after eliminating the Covenant reinforcements.[4] In the "Warrens," Crimson accessed a central intel center revealed by the data extracted at "Control." The information in the intel center revealed a Covenant archeological dig that Fireteam Switchback was sent to investigate while Fireteam Crimson was deployed to investigate the supply depot.[5] However, while Crimson succeeded in destroying three plasma stockpiles at "Cyclone," Switchback experienced heavy resistance and called for backup. As Crimson was closest, they were redeployed to help Switchback[6] and succeeded in permanently disabling the Harvester, though Switchback disappeared without a trace.[7]

As Crimson continued their covert missions, the UNSC Infinity was invaded by Covenant and Promethean forces seeking to destroy the ship and kidnap Doctor Catherine Halsey.[8]


A cancelled mission[edit]

Fireteam Crimson and Lieutenant TJ Murphy were dispatched to "Apex" in their stolen Phantom to shut down Requiem's portals in the area and capture "Apex" for the UNSC.[9] However, as Crimson approached the portal, Captain Thomas Lasky's call for battle stations was picked up by both the team and Spartan Jared Miller. Crimson fought through the enemy forces in the area to shut down the portal as Miller attempted to figure out what was going on.

After Crimson succeeded in shutting down the portal, they received a transmission from Commander Sarah Palmer recalling all Spartan fireteams to the ship. Miller reported that the Infinity had been boarded and as a result, he was canceling their mission and recalling Crimson to help defend the ship.[1]


Miller provided Crimson with the quickest way out of the area and, coming across a shield barrier, Crimson destroyed the generator that Miller directed them to, dropping the barrier and continued on. Outside of the caves, they encountered heavy Covenant and Promethean forces, including some Ghosts while the battle continued on the Infinity. Murphy reported that he needed Crimson further down the hill to pick them up, so Miller attempted to contact Robert Dalton to ask if there was any ordnance left packed for launch planetside. Unable to reach Dalton, Miller contacted Roland instead who informed him that there wasn't much, but he would send what they had.

As Roland sent the supplies, Crimson continued forward, battling a Wraith near another shield generator. As the fighting continued, Murphy located a Mantis and transported it nearby to help Crimson in their fight. However, Murphy's actions attracted the attention of an enemy Phantom which attacked Murphy's stolen dropship. With Murphy outmanned and outgunned, Crimson used the Mantis' firepower to destroy the enemy Phantom while Roland sent what little supplies they had left that he hadn't already sent and reported multiple casualties on all decks. With a combination of covering fire from Murphy's Phantom, the Mantis' firepower and the supplies Roland sent, Crimson was able to clear the area of Covenant and Promethean forces despite facing heavy resistance. With the area clear, Murphy was finally able to extract Crimson to help the Infinity.[1]


As Crimson and Murphy departed, Miller reported that the situation was worsening as there was now Covenant ships inbound on the UNSC Infinity.[1] Crimson and Murphy returned to the Infinity which inadvertently shot down their stolen Phantom, mistaking it for a hostile ship. However, Crimson was able to successfully help in repelling the Covenant invasion of the Infinity.[8]

After the Covenant invasion was ended and the ship was secured, Crimson was redeployed to "Apex" to finish the mission that they had been on when the Infinity's plight interrupted them.[9]

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