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"Librarian's Rest", Requiem, Epoloch system


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Ju 'Mdama: "Glassman's escape is unacceptable, Brother."
Gek 'Lhar: "Grrr...I will deal with him personally."
Jul 'Mdama: "See that you do, Gek."
— Jul and Gek discuss Glassman's escape in Sangheili.[1]

During the Requiem Campaign, Spartan Gabriel Thorne and Doctor Henry Glassman, later aided by the rest of Fireteam Majestic, staged an escape from the location known as "Librarian's Rest."


During a mission in "the Cauldron," Fireteam Crimson were able to retrieve a mysterious Forerunner artifact that they transported back to the UNSC Infinity.[2] While examining the artifact, Doctor Henry Glassman accidentally activated it and was pulled in.[3] Glassman was transported to Requiem's surface where he was captured by Covenant forces. In exchange for his life being spared, Glassman agreed to help Jul 'Mdama access the shrine at "Librarian's Rest"[4] to gain access to the imprint of the Librarian stored within. Glassman was forced to work with inadequate equipment,[5] but eventually succeeded in activating a protective shield around the shrine, albeit without knowing exactly what he had accomplished.[6]

Due to Glassman's disappearance, Doctor Catherine Halsey was brought in to help examine the artifact.[4] Jul contacted her in secret, offering Halsey information about the Prometheans.[5] After Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Majestic retrieved "the Didact's Gift," it was revealed to be the "soul" of a Promethean Knight, a human digitized by the Composer during the New Phoenix Incident six months earlier. As Halsey communicated with Jul about the discovery, she was found out by Commander Sarah Palmer and arrested for her actions. Spartan Gabriel Thorne, confused by the appearance of the artifact in the memories revealed in "the Didact's Gift," inadvertently activated it and was transported to "the Cauldron."[6] Despite putting up a fight, Thorne was ultimately captured by two Sangheili Storm and taken to "Librarian's Rest" which was eventually detected by Roland.[1]


Escape from custody[edit]

Jul 'Mdama was left pleased with Doctor Henry Glassman having apparently awoken the Librarian, though Glassman admitted that he wasn't sure exactly what he had done. Noticing that all of the gathered Sangheili were bowing to the shrine aside from Jul, Glassman took the opportunity to escape through the hallways, removing his collar as he went. However, when Jul attempted to approach the shrine, he was repulsed by the energy shield that Glassman had inadvertently activated. Jul was left enraged, believing that Glassman had purposefully deceived him and upon finding Glassman gone, sent his Sangheili after the scientist. Jul also warned Gek 'Lhar that his escape was unacceptable and Gek promised to deal with it personally.

At the same time, Spartan Gabriel Thorne was dragged to through "Sniper Alley" to the entrance to "Librarian's Rest" based on Jul's orders that anyone who came through the artifact be brought to him. As the two Sangheili dragging Thorne argued over what to do with him, they were unaware of the Spartan secretly regaining consciousness to await his moment to strike. As the Sangheili knocked on the door, the fleeing Glassman arrived and opened it, inadvertently giving Thorne the distraction he needed to fight back. Striking his captors, Thorne quickly disarmed one of his Storm Rifle and killed both Sangheili.

As Thorne regrouped with Glassman, the scientist, attempting to catch his breath, managed to warn Thorne of the large group of approaching Sangheili. Having found Glassman's discarded collar, Gek chose to activate the explosives vest he had previously attached to Glassman to control the scientist. Spotting the vest activating, Thorne quickly removed it and flung it at the Sangheili before fleeing with Glassman. Gek detonated the vest, inadvertently killing his own men but preventing them from pursuing Glassman and Thorne further. Enraged at the carnage Thorne wrought, Gek pursued the two fleeing humans.[1]

Canyon fight and rescue[edit]

Gabriel Thorne and Henry Glassman eventually made their way into the canyons near the "Quarry" where Glassman had to rest due to exhaustion. As his armor lacked comm gear at the moment, Thorne explained that their objective was to reach Galileo Base a couple of klicks away which would take only a couple of more hours.

As the two rested, they were stalked by a cloaked Gek 'Lhar which Thorne sensed. Attacking, Gek quickly destroyed Thorne's Storm Rifle and engaged the Spartan in combat with Glassman attempting to help a few times without success. Thorne managed to disarm Gek of his energy sword and the two fought hand-to-hand with Thorne holding his own at first. However, Gek eventually recovered and slammed a large rock onto Thorne, stunning him. Glassman attempted to reach Gek's energy sword first, but Gek stepped on and broke his arm in retaliation. Grabbing his energy sword, Gek prepared to impale Thorne, but was shot from behind by Paul DeMarco with his battle rifle, killing him.[7]


In the aftermath of Gek 'Lhar's death, Gabriel Thorne was reunited with Fireteam Majestic who had finally located him in time to save Thorne's life. Raiding Gek's body, Thorne retrieved Gek's energy sword which he gave to Paul DeMarco as a thank you gift for saving his life. Thorne also recovered the dog tags Gek had stolen off of his victims, some of which belonged to Spartans. Thorne proceeded to take Gek's active camouflage module for himself while Anthony Madsen retrieved a map of Requiem.[7] Majestic and Glassman subsequently came under attack from Covenant plasma artilleries located at "Cyclone," but were saved by Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Kodiak who destroyed the artillery batteries.[8] Glassman subsequently enlisted Crimson's help to confirm his understanding of the map by undertaking a mission at "Control."[9]

After the successful mission at "Control," Glassman was extracted by a Pelican from Requiem as Majestic was redeployed back to "Librarian's Rest" to rescue Doctor Catherine Halsey.[10] Using the map recovered from Gek's body and one recovered by Crimson from "Lockup,"[11] Glassman was able to figure out how to free the UNSC Infinity from Requiem.[12]

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