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Galileo Base
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Facility information




Research facility


Historical information


Around February 7, 2558


March 2558

In use:

2558: Requiem Campaign

Controlled by:

Office of Naval Intelligence



Galileo Base was a makeshift UNSC research facility located on the surface of Requiem. The facility was built around a Forerunner artifact in order to study and extract it. The base was optimized to meet ONI requirements for defensive emergencies,[1] including what they referred to as "Persistent Field Resilience", a mandate that required combat readiness regardless of perceived environmental safety.[2]


In February 2558, Galileo came under attack by Covenant forces.[3] Fireteam Crimson later arrived and fought off the attackers.[3]

After recovering the artifact known as the Didact's Gift, Fireteam Crimson was ordered to transport it to Galileo Base for examination before the risk was taken of transporting it to the UNSC Infinity. During this examination, the Covenant-Promethean alliance launched a large assault on the base to retrieve it. Fireteam Crimson was awaiting extraction when the attack began and were forced to defend Galileo again. The base's defenses had been powered down against orders to test a mini-reactor, so Crimson was forced to turn them on to deal with the waves of Phantoms. After the turrets came back online, they shot down all of the approaching Phantoms and Crimson dealt with the ground forces. Once the assault was repelled, Crimson was forced to turn the mini-reactor back on to prevent a destructive meltdown. At this point, Promethean forces began translocating into the area. While Crimson engaged the Prometheans, Commander Palmer ordered Robert Dalton to bring in Fireteam Majestic to extract the artifact. Crimson was eventually able to eliminate all the Promethean forces in the area, allowing Majestic to retrieve the artifact.[4] During Majestic's retrieval Covenant Phantoms and Banshees resumed attacking the base, pinning them down. Gabriel Thorne managed to hijack a Banshee and destroy a Phantom, causing the Covenant to withdraw and allowing Majestic to escape.[5]

After rescuing Doctor Henry Glassman, Spartan Thorne headed for Galileo Base as he no longer had his armor's communications equipment to call for a pickup. However, their journey was interrupted by an attack by Gek 'Lhar before the rest of Majestic rescued the two and killed Gek. With the arrival of Majestic, Glassman and Thorne aborted their journey to Galileo Base and were extracted instead with the rest of Majestic after Crimson took out the artillery batteries pinning them down.[6]

Not long after the attack, the entire shield world was placed on a collision course with its parent star, Epoloch. All of Infinity's research bases on the planet were lost when Requiem was destroyed by its sun. Months after the Requiem Campaign, the UNSC sought to establish a new research facility, planned to be designated Galileo II by the UNSC's High Command.[7]


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  • Galileo Base is the setting for the Halo 4 Multiplayer map, Complex.
  • Some Ugparassa trees can be found at the base and in the map Complex.
  • Galileo is named after the famous Galileo Galilei, an Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who is sometimes called the "Father of Modern Science".


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