Ugparassa tree

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Concept art for a tree featured on the Complex mp map.
Concept art of the Ugparassa tree.

The Ugparassa tree is a type of plant which was present on Forerunner worlds.[1] Such trees existed inside the shield world Requiem, for example at the makeshift facility Galileo Base. Consequently they also appeared in the simulated environment "Complex" used by the Spartan-IVs for War Games training aboard UNSC Infinity.[2] Ugparassa trees were used by the company Have S'Moa to smoke the bacon used on some of their hamburgers.[3]


  • In Halo 4, Ugparassa trees can be found on Complex in War Games and at Galileo Base in Spartan Ops.
  • "Ugparassa" is an anagram of "Asparagus".


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