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H4 Complex.jpg
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 615-3[1]


Galileo Base, Requiem


ONI buildings, arid plains

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With the presence of numerous hostile entities on Requiem, ONI rigidly enforces a 'Persistent Field Resilience' mandate requiring that all science detachments (1) maintain onsite weapon caches, (2) optimize the site's layout to meet ONI spec for defensive emergencies, and (3) retain an escort of well-trained military personnel.

Complex is a holographic reconstruction of Galileo Base on Requiem for use during War Games combat simulation.


Complex is set at Galileo Base, a makeshift UNSC research facility on the surface of Requiem. The base is built around a Forerunner artifact that is in the process of being extracted. The base's central structure is a multilevel building with a tall Forerunner object in the center.[2] The facility has been optimized to meet Office of Naval Intelligence requirements for defensive emergencies,[2] including what they referred to as "Persistent Field Resilience", a mandate that required combat readiness regardless of perceived environmental safety.[3] The facility appears damaged in at least one location (the building in the center of the map contains broken monitors).

Complex is a mid-to-large asymmetrical map with an emphasis on ranged combat and long sightlines. The base itself is a compound made up of three large buildings, a half-dozen or so small rooms, and numerous corridors and open walkways. In addition to these, there is another human structure that provides three pillars for cover. The only natural "structure" is a rocky, enclosed tunnel. Lots of flora are present, the most prominent being the almost asparagus-like trees and the pink-red ferns. The map has only one side exposed to the nearby ocean, which players may fall into if they are not paying attention or are knocked off. No large vehicles are present, but a small quantity of Mongooses and Ghosts are provided to the players. Aside from Haven, Complex is one of the most popular SWAT maps on the playlist, and is also popular for Capture the Flag and Infection.

The energy sword and Scattershot are located near the center, by the "Factory". Two sniper rifles spawn at each team's base. The Ghosts and Mongooses spawn at both team's spawn bases.


  • Be careful while you are on rooftops, as there is rarely any available cover.
  • The DMR or battle rifle is advantageous on the map, as they can be used to eliminate enemy snipers from afar and effectively defend the player in close-quarters situations.
  • The "Factory" is a good location to snipe, due to its high position.
  • Players should avoid driving around the center area, because you become an easy target to snipers.
  • Active camo is very useful on this map, as it allows players to avoid snipers or hide while sniping.
  • When sniping, constantly move locations before the enemy teams figure out your location.
  • A shotgun is effective in the "Factory" location due to the area's close-quarters set-up and tight corners.
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