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Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 726-6[1]


CAA mining vessel, Heavy Burden[2][1]


Industrial hallways and platforms

Gameplay overview

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Recommended gametype(s):

Although this CAA mining vessel was refitted as an ordnance transport, damage sustained during the Battle of Kholo has condemned it to an inescapable slide down the gravity well of a gas giant. On board, its automated systems continue unabated, their operations executed in eerie futility as they drift ever-closer to destruction..

Adrift, originally codenamed Warhouse, is a Halo 4 multiplayer map.[3][4] The map is small, symmetrical stage designed for Slayer gametypes.[4]


Adrift is set on a Colonial Administration Authority Springhill-class mining ship CAA Heavy Burden (CFM-88) orbiting a gas giant near Kholo.[5][6] The map is centered around a large room with multiple levels and walkways, and a stationary HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark II (D) exoskeleton under construction by a series of robot arms.[2] The outer area of the map features man cannons which allow players to quickly traverse the area.[6] An asteroid belt can also be seen looming over the map.[2][7]

The map is rather small in size and symmetrical. Hallways, tunnels, and routes make up the outer parts of the map, leading into a central room. There is two bases on either side of the map, where each team spawns. The man cannons allow players to return to the spawn locations. There is essentially three straight routes throughout the entire map, going from one base to the other. Two of the routes lead directly to the other base, while the middle route leads to the center room.

Center room[edit]

There is numerous entrances to the center room, or the "Armory", that help prevent camping. The center room consists of three levels. In the middle of the room, a raised platform provides a height advantage over the rest of the center. It is here that the powered exoskeleton prototype is being developed. There is two access doors level with the platform, with a gap between the doors and platform. The lower level features a grav lift that allows players to reach the second level. The large amount of cover in the center near the entrances allow players to kill exposed enemies standing in the room.

Power weapons, like the energy sword, spawn on the main platform in the room, on certain gametypes, under the exoskeleton. The center is where most firefights will occur on the map, since most platforms lead to the room.

Outside routes and hallways[edit]

There is several hallways and routes around the map, with tight corridors and corners. The lower-levelled hallway connects to the base and will lead to a man cannon, allowing the player to quickly reach opposing bases and objectives. The lower hallway also features a stairway, in the middle of the hallway, that will take the player to the lower level in the center room on the map. Railings located on the outside areas of the map help prevent the player from falling to their death. Needlers, Scattershots, sticky detonators, and sniper rifles often spawn around the hallways and bases in most gametypes. The lower region of Adrift features two grav lifts, four stairwells, and multiple crates which can be used to jump up to the next level of the map. The grav lifts lead to the nearby hallway of either player base, depending on which lift is taken by the player. The hallway by the grav lifts connects a platform that holds a single man cannon, capable of taking the player to the base or objective. The spawning bases on the map are covered in platforms and crates. The third hallway leads to the highest level in the center room of Adrift, where armor abilities or power weapons are commonly found.


  • Adrift is a good map for completive play.
  • Due to the amount of raised platforms in the level, a jetpack is very useful.
  • Promethean vision is also useful on the map. The amount of corners on the map allow you to ambush unsuspecting players.
  • It is best to avoid the hallways that lead to the center, due to the amount of grenades thrown in the area. Instead, players should take alternative routes to get to the center room.
    • For example, instead of taking the hallways to return to a base, take the man cannons.
  • The Scattershot and Shotgun are helpful on the map, due to most of the map being close-quarters.
  • When going through the man cannon, make sure enemies do not throw grenades in after you, or are waiting for you at the other side.
  • The rocket launcher or a grenade is useful when enemies are camping in the hallways.
  • The SAW is very deadly in the outside areas of the map
  • When in the bottom floor of the center, stay beneath the stairs and platforms to take cover from enemies on higher levels.
  • Communication with your team is key on this map; allows traverse with a teammate.
  • The thruster pack is not recommended due to the large amount of obstructions, though it is useful to limited degree in the more open areas.
  • Take your time while advancing through the map.
  • Long-ranged weapons are advantageous when you are eliminating enemies that are trying to leave the hallways.
  • The sticky detonator is efficient throughout the map, because the crowded and enclosed spaces allow multi-kills.
  • Many platforms require the player to jump a relatively large distance to move on to another area. If the player does not focus on the jump, or is obstructed; the player can entirely miss the platform and become an easy target for pursuing enemies.
  • Never stand still, always strafe, and make sure no players have gotten behind you.


  • During development, the map was named "Warhouse".[8]
  • In the E3 2012 build, the mining vessel's hull classification symbol was FFG-88, designating it as a frigate.
  • Small explosions can be seen in the distant parts of the ship.