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Halo 4

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War Games Map_Set/: 755-3[1]


Pilvros Municipal Support Facility, New Carthage[2]


Urban streets, concrete buildings

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City-wide evacuation orders have confirmed that the unstable thermal reactor cannot be contained.

Perdition is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It is one of three maps in the Castle Map Pack.[3]


Perdition takes place in a thermonuclear reactor facility in Pilvros which is currently undergoing a catastrophic meltdown. A monorail passes through every so often due to the evacuation of the city, with multiple abandoned vehicles such as several tractor units and one or two forklifts left on the street. It is asymmetrical, with the melting-down reactor at one end and an enclosed facility at the other. Side hallways cut through the walls, and in the middle of the map is the former control room for the reactor, which serves as a hub for close-quarters infantry fighting in most game types.


  • On the billboards outside of the playable area, there is an advertisement for Vyrant Telecom and one for Traxus Heavy Industries with the slogan, "Look out...For The Future!!" and "The FUTURE is...Now!.....".
  • This is the third multiplayer level to include a train; the other two being Terminal in Halo 2 and Harvest in Halo 4.