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Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 232-8[1]


Unknown Forerunner moon


Forerunner structures, snowy caverns

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

While most Forerunner technology appears to support safe usage over immense passages of time, the failure of specific systems can cause a cascading effect which dramatically impacts a site’s foundational composition. This frigid moon’s icy conditions once served to control a Forerunner reactor’s intense heat, but those days are now long gone.

Meltdown is a Halo 4 multiplayer map.[2]


Meltdown is a snow covered map set on the outskirts of a Forerunner reactor. Designed with a figure-8 in mind, split between an upper level fit for infantry movement and a lower level being a large trench taking the shape of an infinity loop designed for vehicular combat. The map sports bases with distinct call-outs referencing environmental features such as the side with the reactor on one side and the sections completely covered in snow, etc. The map's layout is heavily reminiscent of the Halo PC map Ice Fields.