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Halo 4


Thoronburg combat training facility


Ramps and obstacles

Gameplay overview

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Some UNSC combat facilities have been integrated into the War Games due to their extraordinary tactical utility.

Pitfall is a Halo 4 multiplayer map set in a UNSC facility. It is a remake of The Pit from Halo 3 and is part of the Bullseye Pack.


Pitfall is a medium-sized symmetrical map set in the UNSC's abandoned Thoronburg combat training facility. The map is a large indoor environment adapted for close-quarters encounters. There are small buildings, corridors, ramps and lifts.[1]

Changes from The Pit[edit]

Though the map's geometry remains largely identical to its predecessor, there are a few notable changes:

  • The sword room has been made less camping-friendly by the addition of a lift from the lower hallway and an escape hatch inside the room. This can be reverted via Forge.
  • There are now several crates around the ledges of each base, allowing easier access into and out of them. These can be removed via Forge.
    • The MLG variant of The Pit included these crates as well.
  • The spawn rooms above each base--which were formerly inaccessible without spawning in them or trick jumping--have been removed entirely. This cannot be reverted via Forge
  • In contrast to The Pit, which is set at the UNSC Training Facility Bravo near Voi on Earth, Pitfall is set on a world with a shattered moon. The area outside the facility has been ravaged by an unknown force, likely related to the moon's destruction. The post-war UNSC logo is used in lieu of the original, suggesting that the Thoronburg facility was abandoned sometime after the ceasefire. Storm Elite silhouettes replace those of Brute Minors as the targets at the shooting range; D79-TC Pelicans and F-41 Broadswords are strewn about the ruined airfield outside in lieu of the intact D77s from the original map.


  • There is a certain irony in the integration of this facility into the War Games simulations, as the map description of The Pit states that the instructors of these facilities prefer their old-fashioned training facilities over software simulations.
  • Though the Elite Minor targeting silhouettes are shown wearing Halo 4-style Storm armor, they are also depicted using plasma rifles. This is one of only two instances in which the plasma rifle appears in the game, the other being the campaign's Prologue cutscene.
  • It is possible to Forge outside of Pitfall through a glitch.




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