Forge Island

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Forge Island
H4 Forge Island-1.jpg
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 230-1[1]


"Great Anvils", near Apex Requiem


Three flat islands

Gameplay overview

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The improbable islands known as the "Great Anvils" are easily one of the most remarkable features of Requiem.

Forge Island, also known as the Great Anvils, is a Halo 4 multiplayer map intended for use as a Forge canvas. Orginally scheduled for release on April 11, 2013,[2] Forge Island passed certification earlier than expected and was made available for download on March 29, 2013.[3] Forge Island consists of three flat islands, nicknamed the "Great Anvils"[2] Sometime in 2558, UNSC personnel from the UNSC Infinity were deployed in the southwestern peninsula on Requiem's smallest continent and encountered these islands. Geological data acquired from this site gave the Infinity Science's Forge group a massive diverse canvas to be integrated into the War Games with modifiable features.


Forge Island includes three flat islands with green grass along with pale brown patches of dirt. Apart from the very edges of the islands, the entire top is flat. This is the first Forge canvas on Halo 4 that allows players to go to and Forge on sea-level, and also provides the largest space available; If the width of the largest island was '1', you could go away from the middle of the map by about 6-10 units. Forge Island also featured all new pieces, being the first Halo map to feature a green screen piece, flat, natural stone walls and placeable trees. Also, several pieces that on other maps belonged to other object groups were moved to 'Buildings' - these pieces were more cumbersome for rendering and dynamic lighting and as such, in "Buildings", less of them could be placed. In addition, each island is actually hollow, along with several rocks around the islands, and can be entered by placing teleporters inside the islands and teleporting in. These big hollow spaces are fully forgeable in.


  • The map features a green screen in its new unique palette, obviously intended for machinima purposes.
  • By placing a teleporter inside the islands, you can enter a 'cave' inside the island, which is also a fully forgeable (albeit probably not intended) area. The rocky spikes protruding upwards from the sea (Visible better when in the 'cave') are also fully hollow.
  • The Forge Island-exclusive Forge items are the same as the ones in Ravine.
  • Many objects that had once been in separate pallets, such as the "Walkway Large" or the "Window Coliseum" have now been moved to the "Buildings" pallet. This is due to how these objects are just as laborious to performance as the other "Building" pieces. As a result of this, the object limit for the "Buildings" pallet has increased from 12 to 20.
  • Forge Island seems to have less framerate issues on split screen than its other counterparts.