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During the development of Halo 4, a number of maps were concepted and partially-developed though cut from the game for various reasons. Many of these maps were concepted by company Digital Extremes, contracted by 343 Industries to help with the production of the game's DLC map packs. A number of map ideas and concepts were pitched to 343 but went unused, and have since been released online.

Multiplayer maps[edit]


An original map design developed by Certain Affinity and referred to as "Dish" can be found in the tags build. The map takes the form of a long canyon, with multiple levels. The map is complete with vehicle and turret spawns, alongside respawn points for players - though appears not to have progressed beyond the early blockout stages. Interestingly, this map contains spawn points for the Revenant design which was intended to appear in the game.[1][2] The relatively late cutting of the Revenant from the game indicates that Dish may have been in development relatively late in Halo 4's development cycle.


Known only in the files of the Halo 4 tags build as Z01_Fortress, this map appears to have a layout similar to that of Sandtrap - featuring the same Shrine defender towers as Sandtrap and Sandbox. The map has spawns laid out for vehicles including the Halo 4 cut iteration of the Revenant, though the map as a whole has no textures.[3][4]

Other cut levels[edit]

Other cut levels present in the tags build of the game include Z06_pillars, Z07_island, Z08_experimental alongside maps Z02, Z03 and Z04.[5][6]

DLC maps[edit]


"Arrowhead" was one potential DLC map concepted, and evidently would have taken place in or around a UNSC facility embedded in a cliffside, though no other details are known.[7]

Covenant underwater technology[edit]

This potential DLC map was designed to focus on underwater Covenant technology.[8]


Identified in a series of concept art uploads all titled genessis, this map has a similar theme to the release map Vortex, set in a crashed Forerunner ship in a desert wasteland, turned into a makeshift base by the UNSC. In the distance, a Forerunner Keyship can be seen.[9] It is unknown if this pitch has any relation to the planet Genesis featured in Halo 5: Guardians.

Last Resort remake[edit]

Main article: Last Resort

One map concept shown involves a paintover of the sniper tower area of the Halo 3 map Last Resort. Its filename, lastr-paintover, suggests it was intended to be a Last Resort remake.[10] Notably, the map was later realised in Halo 2: Anniversary's multiplayer as Stonetown.

Narrows remake[edit]

Main article: Narrows

One concept pitched to 343[11] involved a remake of the Halo 3 multiplayer map Narrows, redressed in a human architectural aesthetic.[12][13][14]

ONI Bog[edit]

Concept art for the map suggests it would have had a similar theme and tone to the map Abandon, though it is unknown if the two maps are one and the same, or simply similar.[15][16][17]

Standoff remake[edit]

Present in the Halo 4 tags build, this map was in development by Certain Affinity. The map was a remake of Halo 3's Heroic map Standoff.[18]

Other DLC map concepts[edit]

Some callout sheets for individual map props have been posted online, of which tie to no particular known map.

Development and testing levels[edit]

Lighting reference test maps[edit]

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These maps, an interior and an exterior space, were employed by Bungie through the productions of Halo 3, ODST and Reach - and were used by 343 Industries in the production of Halo 4.


While never considered for official inclusion in the final game, the Halo 3 multiplayer map Sandtrap was used in development for testing the vehicle sandbox of Halo 4.[19]

"Stripy room"[edit]

First referred to as such in the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition developer commentary by Martin O'Donnell, the so-called "Stripey Room" or is an audio testing level utilised by Bungie throughout the production of Halo 3 through Halo: Reach, and 343 Industries during the production of Halo 4. The map is almost identical to its Reach incarnation, with the exception of labelled terrain types and water.[20]

VFX test map[edit]

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This map was created by 343 Industries to test out visual effects such as the disintegration on Promethean weaponry.


z00_testchamber is a map present in the Halo 4 tags build, used for testing. The map is described as a "small box test map".[5]


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