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Cut Halo 5: Guardians enemies and NPCs

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This page discusses elements of deleted material and cut content. Some information on the page is sourced from game files and may not be verifiable through external sources. Where possible, such information should be clearly-marked and replaced with a proper external source as soon as one is available.
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During the development of Halo 5: Guardians, a number of various Non-playable character types were concepted and prototyped by 343 Industries for inclusion in the game, though were ultimately cut for various reasons.


Mining robots[edit]

One of the early drafts for Halo 5 seems to have involved automated mining robots used by the Liang-Dortmund Corporation on Meridian. A number of sketches by Gabriel Garza, alongside some more detailed paintings by Nicolas Bouvier, indicate that they would have been fought by Blue Team on the planet. A number of mining mechs were also concepted for the Meridian levels.


Orbital Drop Shock Troopers were to return in Halo 5 for the Warzone gamemode, being a middle ground between the UNSC Marine unit and the player Spartans. They were to be deployed via a new type of drop pod.[1]

Concept work was done by Alex Cunningham and Gabriel Garza, with a model eventually being developed.[2]

While the ODSTs themselves would ultimately go unused, their drop pod would end up in the retail game as the M9407 drop pod.


Augmented Elites[edit]

Concept art by Gabriel Garza depicts a form of Sangheili warrior with Promethean augmentations.

Banshee Pilots Nor and Kiz[edit]

Banshee Pilots Nor and Kiz were a pair of Covenant bosses that originally appeared on a pre-E3 2015 build of Escape From ARC. As their suggests, they would be using a Banshee after spawning.[4]


Ootu was a Covenant boss that originally appeared on a pre-E3 2015 build of Escape From ARC. Ootu would pilot a Banshee after spawning.[4]



The Forerunner Cavalier is a deleted Promethean construct that was intended to be introduced in Halo 5: Guardians.[5] The Cavalier was apparently intended to start out as an empty shell, which would then be filled by the Cavalier itself. The Cavalier was intended to use a Forerunner polearm weapon (possibly similar to the hard light staves first appearing in 2015's Halo: Hunters in the Dark) and was capable of shielding itself. The Cavalier design eventually became the basis for the Warden Eternal.


A number of Forerunner mechs were concepted by both Gabriel Garza and Paul Richards for Halo 5. These concepts overlap with some of the other enemy designs featured on this page, and it is likely that they were created as part of the same exploratory process during the game's development. However, due to a lack of distinct commentary on these concepts, they are presented as one gallery.


The 'Forerunner Packmaster is a Promethean enemy type cut from the release of Halo 5: Guardians worked on by concept artists Gabriel "Robogabo" Garza and Paul Richards.[12][13][14] Due to its name, the Packmaster likely led Promethean Crawlers. It is seemingly equipped with a Z-250 lightrifle. The Packmaster did not make the cut for the game, however, early 3D models indicate that the designs may have later been re-purposed as the Armiger Soldier.

Socket vehicles[edit]

War Sphinx[edit]

Concept art for a Forerunner War sphinx was produced by Paul Richards. Little else is known of this concept, including whether it made it into further production.

Master Intex[edit]

Master Intex was the designation for a specific Armiger Soldier that could be encountered on Escape from ARC in the E3 2015 build of Halo 5: Guardians. Master Intex used a Phaeton and would spawn at the "Crane Pit" when the match had two minutes remaining.[16] The team that defeated Master Intex was awarded 200VP. Master Intex was replaced by the Warden Eternal in the final version of the game.


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