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Due to the cancellation of Halo Online, several multiplayer maps and a single-player training scenario were cut from the game.


Named s3d_tutorial in game files for the MS30 Halo Online build, this level would have been set on Anvil Station, and serve as an introductory tutorial for new players starting the game. Several pieces of released concept art for the level indicate the level was to involve a shooting range and Covenant automated turrets.

Multiplayer maps[edit]


The docking spires on High Charity serviced vessels from a hundred worlds and a dozen species.

Named s3d_dry_dock in the MS30 build, this map's description indicates it would have been set on High Charity. Several pieces of released concept art, shown below, were named "drydock" and may be for this level.


The creatures once imprisoned here are content to wait in the void of space for uncountable years.

Named s3d_lockout in the MS30 build, this map was presumably a remake of the Halo 2 map Lockout. Concept art has been released for this map, depicting a possible setting similar to the map Haven on Requiem.

Sky bridge[edit]

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Seongnam's state-of-the-art clinics and labs contain knowledge worth dying for.

Named s3d_sky_bridgenew in the MS30 build, this map was to be set in Seongnam, Korea.


The UNSC constructed many secret holdfasts during the final years of the Covenant War.

Named s3d_waterfall in the MS30 build, little is known of this map. Several released pieces of concept art with the name "waterfall" in their filenames have been released and likely correspond to this map, shown below.