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United Korea
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"Your new suit's a Mark VI. Just came up from Seongnam this morning."
— A master gunnery sergeant to John-117.

Korea, properly titled United Korea[1] and occasionally referred to by the former South Korean endonym, Hanguk (한국),[2] is a country in northeastern Asia on Earth.


The Korean Peninsula was previously divided into two countries: North Korea and South Korea. At some point in either the twenty-first, twenty-second, or twenty-third centuries, the two nations, previously hostile to one another, were brought together with the signing of a long-anticipated treaty. After the creation of the United Nations Space Command, many different bases—military and otherwise—were established in the country. These became sites of critical importance for the testing of ordnance and the training of officers, especially during and after the Human-Covenant War.[3]


United Korea encompasses all of the Korean Peninsula. To the northwest, the Amnok River separates Korea from China and to the northeast, the Duman River separates Korea from China and Russia. The peninsula is surrounded by the Yellow Sea to the west, the East China Sea and Korea Strait to the south, and the Sea of Japan to the east. Korea's most notable city is Songnam, located in the Kyonggi Province in the north of what used to be South Korea. It is famed for its Special Warfare Center.[note 1]

Economy and society[edit]

United Korea is known as a technological powerhouse.[3] This came about largely due to its government's strong emphasis on education.The country is home to many many significant UNSC facilities that specialize in training, weapons testing, and MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor development.[3] The Special Warfare Center (SWC) in Songnam is aided by the nearby University of Songnam.


The M6G Magnum has Korean Hangul symbols on its barrel and on the bottom of its magazine.


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  1. ^ In Halo 5: Guardians, a location called New Gangwon is mentioned. It is also possible that "New Gangwon" represents a reconstitution of the historical Gangwon Province, which was divided into the southern Gangwon Province and the northern Kangwon Province during the twentieth-century partitioning of Korea. When Korea reunited, it is possible that these two provinces were again reunited under the name "New Gangwon". That New Gangwon might be located within Korea on Earth is made more plausible by the fact that New Gangwon is known to be home to weapons development facilities.


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