New Gangwon

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New Gangwon is a human colony or settlement administered by the United Nations Space Command. It is presumably named after the Korean Gangwon Province.[Note 1]

New Gangwon is known to be home to an Office of Naval Intelligence weapons research facility. In 2558, New Gangwon's ONI Weapons Research AI Sonduk defected from UNSC service and declared her allegiance to Cortana's Created.[1]

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  1. ^ It is also possible that "New Gangwon" represents a reconstitution of the historical Gangwon Province, which was divided into the southern Gangwon Province and the northern Kangwon Province during the 20th-century partitioning of Korea. When Korea reunited at some point before the 26th century, it is possible that these two provinces were again reunited under the name "New Gangwon." That New Gangwon might be located within Korea on Earth is made more plausible by the fact that New Gangwon is known to be home to weapons development facilities, as Korea is a noted center of UNSC weapons research and development. However, most localities throughout human occupied space that have "New" in their name are extra-terrestrial colonies; lacking definitive proof to the contrary, this article therefore assumes that this is also the case of New Gangwon.


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