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There is more information available on this subject at Scandinavia on the English Wikipedia.
A geopolitical map of Scandanavia.

Scandinavia was a geopolitical region on Earth consisting of the countries of Denmark (along with Greenland), Norway and Sweden, though occasionally Finland and Iceland were included. By the 26th century, like the rest of Earth's national governments, these states had become defunct, absolved into the Unified Earth Government under the auspices of the United Nations.[1]

Norse mythology, originating from the region of Scandinavia, has served as inspiration for the naming of a number of UNSC projects (most notably Project MJOLNIR), ships and human businesses such as Jotun Heavy Industries. Most of Harvest's colonists could trace their ancestry to Scandinavia and the planet's Shipping Operations AI, Sif, had fashioned her holographic appearance and accent after Nordic royalty.[1] A significant portion of the population of the colony world Sansar, such as Staffan Sentzke's family, were of Swedish descent,[2] and several locations on the planet were named after places in Sweden.[3]

Admiral Preston Cole was known to drink black vodka from Finland.[4]

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