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Eastern Asia, as seen from orbit.

Asia is Earth's largest, most populated and most polluted continent.[1]


During humanity's earliest period of interstellar colonization, China was an effective colonizing force, starting multiple off-world colonies.[1]

A few hundred years prior to the Human-Covenant war, the Korea unified its formerly disparate north and south.[1]

Due to its vast size, the UNSC has long taken an interest in Asia. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Pakistani interests have been influential to humanity's decision-making processes, before and after the formation of the UNSC.[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

The UNSC Gettysburg docked at the Borneo Space Tether to deploy SPARTAN-IIs Linda-058 and Frederic-104 before the Covenant's arrival at Earth.

Researchers at the University of Songnam developed the OF92 Booster Frame under the oversight of the Office of Naval Intelligence and the UNSC Special Forces. This was done in tandem with work pertaining to the Project MJOLNIR. Korea's Special Warfare Center, or SWC, was responsible for the development of several Mjolnir armor systems, including the Mark VI,[2] MJOLNIR: Black,[3] the CQB variant, and the K variant of the GEN1 COMMANDO-class Mjolnir.[4] CQC-class Mjolnir was developed in the Germany but was first tested at the SWC in Korea.

Right before the Battle of Earth, it was at Seongnam's SWC that Maria-062 tested the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor that would be presented to John-117 aboard Cairo Station.[2]

Late in the battle, as the Prophet of Truth arrived aboard the Forerunner Dreadnaught, UNSC Marines were engaged with Covenant forces in Sector Six. Though several of the Marines were killed, one was able to determine the trajectory of SPARTAN John-117's descent from the keyship.[5] This enabled the UNSC to quickly locate the Spartan, who landed in Africa.[6]


Nightfall armor, a variant of ODST Body Armor for ONI operatives, was developed at Seongnam's SWC. Additionally, Selene's Lance, a variant of the M6/E Spartan laser, was built from components designed in the labs there.



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