Borneo Space Tether

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The tether over Borneo.

The Borneo Space Tether is a space elevator located on the island of Borneo, Earth. It is the only known space elevator in Southeast Asia and one of six elevators on Earth.


It is used for lifting heavy ordnance from the surrounding port facilities into an orbital station at the top of the elevator structure, a transport method much cheaper and more efficient than booster rockets filled with expensive fuel.[1] As a space elevator would preferably have to be constructed near the equator,[2] Borneo is an ideal location for such a structure as the island is located near the equator.[3] Borneo is also home to a UNSC military base located in conjunction with the tether.[4]


Sometime between Operation: FIRST STRIKE and the Battle of Earth, the frigate UNSC Gettysburg docked with the station's terminus to deploy SPARTAN-IIs Linda-058 and Fred-104.[5] Along with most of Earth's space elevators, the Borneo Space Tether ultimately survived the Battle of Earth.[6]

On September 26, 2557, Beta-5 Division operative Sapphire Three interviewed John-117 aboard the tether's terminus in regards to his interactions with Cortana before and after the Raid on High Charity in late 2552.[7]


Like the Aranuka Space Tether, it is named after an island, as opposed to a city. However, as Earth's six tethers are located in cities, it is unknown which city in Borneo hosts the elevator.[8]

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