Harvest space elevators

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Harvest space elevators
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First Battle of Harvest


The human colony of Harvest had seven space elevators responsible for transporting cargo and humans between the orbital platform Tiara and the colony's capital city of Utgard. The elevator system, along with the planet's shipping operations were maintained by the AI Sif.[1]


During the First Battle of Harvest the elevator system was used to evacuate the remaining population, after the Covenant began glassing the planet. The number seven elevator collapsed from the strain during the evacuation, taking with it eleven pairs of cargo containers and over 20,000 people. The collapse unbalanced the others and the PSI Loki suffered damage that left him unable to rebalance the load. However, the Tiara's AI Sif, after being partially repaired by Lighter Than Some, managed to help Loki rebalance the load and finish the evacuation of Harvest's survivors up the space elevators.

After the Tiara was destroyed, the space elevators collapsed to the surface and wrapped themselves around the planet. The strands were later buried by Mack to protect them from the Covenant's plasma bombardment.


Harvest having 7 space elevators is yet another seven reference.

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