Unidentified master gunnery sergeant

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Unidentified master gunnery sergeant
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October 20, 2552

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UNSC Marine Corps


Master gunnery sergeant

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Issued John-117's Mark VI MJOLNIR armor


"Get the hell out of my armory, split-lip!"
— The MGySgt's last words on Easy/Normal.

This unidentified master gunnery sergeant was a non-commissioned officer in charge of Cairo Station's armory. On October 20, 2552, he helped Spartan-II John-117 get used to his new Mark VI MJOLNIR armor.[1]


Some time after John-117 arrived at Cairo Station, the NCO fitted the Spartan with the Mark VI armor that Maria-062 had tested earlier in the day at SWC Songnam.[2] The MGySgt was initially annoyed with how much damage the Master Chief's old Mark V armor had taken, but then admitted that the Mark V technology was obsolete. He then tested the new armor's optics and energy shielding. Sergeant Major Avery Johnson soon arrived at the armory to lead John-117 to the ceremony held in the orbital platform's bridge. When the MGySgt asked how Johnson had survived the Battle of Installation 04, the sergeant major replied that such information was classified. Angered, "Master Guns" replied that he would not make the adjustments to Johnson's A2 scope that he was apparently set to perform.[1]

Later that day, Covenant forces boarded the station during their invasion of Earth. The MGySgt held his armory valiantly before being killed by a team of Sangheili.[3]


  • "Master Guns'" last words vary depending on the level of difficulty:
    • Easy/Normal: "Get the hell out of my armory, split-lip!"
    • Heroic: "Call your friends! I got enough ammo for all of ya!"
    • Legendary: "Come on, is that a weapon or a flashlight? Oh, dang it!"
  • If the player waits underneath the armory away from the stairs before entering it, the Gunnery Sergeant is invincible. He will hold off the two Elites, but he cannot kill them and will die as soon as the player enters the Armory. On Legendary, one can wait as he takes down the Elites' shield before going up and engaging them.
  • On rare occasion if the player moves fast enough, they can kill the two Elites and save Master Guns. This accomplishes little, though, as he does not move.
  • During the finishing segment of the tutorial where Johnson gets on the elevator and rebuffs the gunnery sergeant's attempts to ask how Johnson survived the Battle of Installation 04, it is actually possible to hear what he says to Johnson in full (as, in-game, the elevator closes up and ascends, cutting off the last part of his dialogue). In the game, all you can hear is "my ass! Well you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope, and-" before he's cut off. Using a clipping mod on Halo 2 for Windows Vista, you can clip through the elevator door just as Johnson rebuffs him, allowing you to hear what the gunnery sergeant says fully. He says, in full, "My ass! Well you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope, and you're sure as hell not gettin' one of the new M7s!", which can be heard here. To see the Halo 2 Vista method in full, click here.
    • The M7 the gunnery sergeant refers to is clearly the SMG, which can be used in-game.
    • When using the clipping tool, the player must move as far away from the elevator as possible (leaving the armoury altogether is the preferred method), as the dialogue quality improves the further away you get.


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