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Unidentified master gunnery sergeant/Quotes

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Quotes made by Master Gunnery Sergeant (Armory).


  • "So, Johnson, when you gonna tell me how you made it back home in one piece?"
  • "Huh, my ass! Well, you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope! And you're sure to—"
  • "His armor's working fine, Johnson, so shut your chilli-hole."
  • "Come on now, is that a weapon or a flashlight!"
  • "Well, I guess it was all obsolete, anyway."- referring to destroyed equipment
  • "Your new suit's a Mark VI ,just came up from Songnam this morning. Try and take it easy till you get used to the upgrades."
  • "Okay, let's test your targeting, first thing. Please look at the top light." (Once the Chief does as he's told) "Good. Now look at the bottom light." (Once the Chief does as he's told)"All right. Look at the top light again." (Once the Chief does as he's told) "That's it. Now the bottom one." (Once the Chief does as he's told) "Okay."
  • "Tracking looks sketchy, I'm gonna run you through the full diagnostic. The diagnostic software sets your targeting system to be normal. Go ahead and look at the four lights, Chief. You want me to leave it like that, or make it inverted?"
  • "Look, just because the brass kisses your ass doesn't mean I will!"
  • "Just what this place needed: A couple of real-life targets!" (In Co-Op)
  • "For all ya' friends, I've got enough ammo for all of you.... [SCREAMS]!"
  • "Get the hell outta my armory, split-lip, OH, GOD! "
  • "Oh, God!"
  • If you jump after you get out of the inhibitors, he yells, "Hey, take it easy!"
  • If you continue jumping, he says, "Careful, you'll tear a tendon doing that!"
  • Jump some more and he says, "Fine, but don't come cryin' to me when you rip your leg out of its socket..."
  • If you stand still after he turns off the inhibitors, he will say, "Is there a problem, son?"
  • If you keep standing there he will say "The inhibitors are off, you should be able to move around."
  • "Are you listening to me?"- If you look away from him while he's speaking about your shields.