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November 29th

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About me

Hello, my name is Aryan Kumar.. I am a huge Halo fan, and new to this wiki. Mostly my editing skills are developing, so I can make a few mistakes, but in time, I think that I will develop.

Hobbies & interests

Transformers, Fast and Furious, these are all good enough for me. I personally think that James Bond movies are very good. Excellent, in fact. I have watched Forged In Fire, and Mythbusters. These are my favourite TV shows. I like Eminem, Marshmellow, and Alan Walker. I also love the Halo Soundtracks. There is a whole list of them on Spotify, made by some king penguin. I have also listened to Spanish songs. My personal favourite- Horrible Histories. I read a lot of books, and you might call me a booknerd, but that is OK with me. I have played Halo games, Assasin Creed, and Call of Duty. I also played PUBG Mobile.

Not read a whole lot of magazines...  I like pizzas. Only cold drinks. Nothing else.(that means I don't drink)
Favorite Halo moment

The best moment was, when I finished a whole wave of covenant with a rocket launcher and a grenade.

Worst Halo moment

When I was about to complete the Reclaimer mission in Halo 4, but I died.

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