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Sky bridge
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Halo Online

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Seongnam, Korea

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City skyscraper

Seongnam's state-of-the-art clinics and labs contain knowledge worth dying for.

Sky bridge, known in game files as s3d_sky_bridgenew, was a planned map for Halo Online set on a skyscraper under construction.

Universe and lore[edit]

Sky bridge is set in an under-construction skyscraper in Seongnam, Korea. The city around the map features a number of other buildings including one owned by Cascade Stronghold Technologies. Due to the cancellation of Halo Online, the map is considered non-canon.


This map was set on an in-progress skyscraper while it was being built, with a layout similar to Gephyrophobia and Narrows. Each team's base lies at either end of the titular sky bridge connecting two towers together. It featured man cannons, Warthogs, Mongooses, Banshees, a fuel rod cannon, and a turret.

Production notes[edit]

Sky bridge was never officially released for Halo Online, and information about the map is gathered from two main sources. The known images of the map come from an ArtStation portfolio upload by Saber Interactive senior environment artist Igor Kochnev, with filenames hf2p-game-client-tag-test and all in-image identifying information blurred out.[1] The map name and description are sourced from the MS30 build of Halo Online, as one of a number of cut maps referenced in text files with names and descriptions. The map description sets the map in Seongnam, Korea, and matches the presence of Korean-language signage strewn across the map in the available screenshots. The presence of text strings referencing the map in the MS30 build and the near-complete visuals of the map screenshots suggest that the map was soon to be included in a future release of Halo Online prior to its cancellation.

Alongside Reactor and Lockout, the map was released as part of the July 2023 content update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, included in the Halo 3 Editing Kit as raw tag data for modders to use.[2]



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