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This article is about the M12 Warthog. For the weapon, see M12 machine gun.
M12 Force Application Vehicle
H5G - M12 Warthog render.png
Production information


AMG Transport Dynamics[1]




52,000 cR (M12)[2]
343,000 cR (2554 M12B model)[3]

Technical specifications


6 meters (20 ft) (M12)[4]
6.3 meters (21 ft)[1] (M12B)


3 meters (9.8 ft)[2]


3.2 meters (10 ft) (M12)[2]
2.3 meters (7.5 ft) (M12B)[5]


3 metric tons (3.0 LT; 3.3 ST)[1][4]

Maximum speed:

125 km/h (78 mph)[1]


12.0 L liquid-cooled Hydrogen-injected internal combustion engine


Ballistic polycarbonate, titanium, carbon nanotube




1 driver, 1 passenger (varies by model)[1]


Year introduced:



  • Infantry mobility/multipurpose vehicle[6]
    • Internal security
    • Military patrol
    • Rapid transport[6]
    • Reconnaissance
  • Force application vehicle[1]
    • Anti-armoured platform[1]
    • Anti-aircraft platform[1]
    • Anti-personnel platform[4]



"The Warthog is as much a part of the UNSC as boots, guns, and tasteless coffee."
Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe

The Warthog Force Application Vehicle, more commonly known as the Warthog or simply the Hog, is the name for a series of vehicles serving as the United Nations Space Command's primary joint light tactical ground vehicle.[4][7] its variants are capable of performing armament carrier, utility, command and control (shelter), ambulance, reconnaissance and a variety of other tactical and logistic support roles. It is a highly mobile, all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering, hydrogen-injected ICE-powered vehicle equipped with a manual transmission.[7]

The most ubiquitous model is the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle and its variants, which is equipped with advanced surveillance and a turret-mounted machine gun for a basic defensive capability. The M12 has been a part of the UNSC's mechanized infantry divisions and armored vehicle divisions since 2319,[1] and is the most publicly recognizable vehicle in their arsenal.

Development history[edit]

An M12 Warthog LRV runs over a Jiralhanae Warlord during the Second Ark Conflict.[8]

AMG Transport Dynamics designed the first Warthog prototype in 2319, dubbed the "Z-12". The Z-12 prototype vehicles quickly proved to be popular due to a well-crafted advertising campaign and adept engineering team which demonstrated the prototype's impressive feature set and unparalleled functionality in the unpopulated remote territories of both Luna and Mars. AMG claimed that the vehicle that could "go anywhere and do anything". Within the first eight months of the Z-12 prototype's existence, AMG received over three dozen exclusivity contracts. Most of these contracts came from the Colonial Military Authority. By 2321, AMG Transport Dynamics worked with the CMA and established a deal to cover all of their land-based transportation needs. Around the time of this deal, the Z-12 became integrated into the M12 Force Application Vehicle. In addition, a pneumatically-powered swivel mount and armored body panels were added to the vehicle.[1]

By 2329, the M12 FAV had become the most common all-terrain vehicle in service with the military—closely followed by the Mongoose and Civet vehicle lines that were also produced by AMG. CMA personnel began to refer to the M12 as the "Warthog", first establishing the vehicle's nickname. Eventually, the Warthog was adopted by the United Nations Space Command. More than a dozen iterative changes were added to the Warthog, and over two centuries later, after its original creation and design, the M12 Warthog remained the standard utility vehicle in UNSC service. Due to how commonplace the Warthog is, all UNSC personnel are required to know how to operate and maintain an M12 Warthog, regardless of military speciality or branch of service.[1]

M12 Warthog Production Lines from Halo: Landfall
Warthog manufacturing.

Although designed and manufactured by AMG Transport Dynamics, at least one Misriah Armory facility on Mars manufactured Warthogs in 2552.[9] The Phoenix-class colony ship UNSC Spirit of Fire stored records of dozens of Warthog variants within its internal databases for its factory modules to construct,[10] with the AI Isabel creating more based on new technology and lessons learnt from fighting the Banished following the ship's arrival at Installation 00 in 2559.[11] Sergeant John Forge additionally kept a personalised Gauss Warthog out of the ship's motor pool, and spent many hours adding to and tweaking the vehicle's design.[12]

Design details[edit]

The Armored Warthog, featuring increased armor.

The Warthog is a four-wheel drive, all-terrain utility vehicle[6] capable of going over any obstacle without difficulty. Under the hood the M12's power is generated by a forward-housed low-profile liquid-cooled hydrogen-injected ICE I/C plant, coupled with an automatic infinitely variable transmission (IVT).[13] The hydrogen fuel is burned at a very high temperature with a synthetic carbon/silicon catalyst to achieve even better fuel consumption. This hydrogen engine is the standard among all UNSC ground (and most air) based vehicles, replacing fossil fuel-based engines some 400 years ago. The Warthog features a Graf/Hauptman solar/saline actuator, which is capable of converting up to twelve liters of fresh, brackish or salt water into hydrogen on the fly. Detritus from the process is compacted on board and disposed of manually by the crew. This allows the Warthog to travel 790 kilometers (490 miles) before it needs to be refueled, a range that can be easily extended by the addition of any container capable of holding liquid. Older models boast a fully independent swing-arm suspension system and four in-hub wheel motors.[14]

The Warthog is a huge, unwieldy, difficult to steer vehicle — until a user learns how to drive it properly. With proper application of the hand, or "e-brake" the M12 can actually turn on a dime. Massive disc brakes and its automatic braking systems allow the vehicle to come to a near immediate, but controlled stop should the driver be ejected, or choose to leave the vehicle. The Warthog's tires have moved away from previous inert-gas pocket inflation with far more resilient and superior burst-proof single unit nanotube skeletons. They provide the buoyancy and ride of gas-pocket tires, but are almost indestructible, allowing the M12 to easily roll through situations that would leave other vehicles disabled and vulnerable. The relatively massive tires are a joint project between Michelin-Vance and AMG,[14] and are manufactured by PUMA.[15]

The Warthog shares parts – and handling characteristics – with the Spade and its sibling frontier trucks, which means that many recruits are already proficient with basic vehicle maintenance and off-road driving skills before they ever arrive at UNSC boot camp.[16] However, the vehicle is so ubiquitous that all UNSC personnel are required to know how to operate and maintain the M12 FAV, regardless of military specialty or branch of service.[1] When interviewed, UNSC personnel overall had only positive positive comments for the vehicle, though they believe the vehicle could benefit from greater versatility in mounted weaponry and perhaps an armor upgrade.[2]


Due to its long service history and extremely versatile nature, the Warthog has seen considerable alteration and variation, with variants displaying varying levels of armor protection, armament, passenger capacity and other features. Major variants of the Warthog are denoted by their year of production.[1]

Its description as a "force application vehicle" is spectacularly accurate; the Warthog has both offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as intel gathering and supply transport and practically any other task that can be accomplished by a wheeled vehicle. The Warthog can be configured to become a troop carrier, armament carrier, ambulance, reconnaissance vehicle, or communications vehicle.[7][17] All M12-based vehicles are designed to travel both on and off-road, in all weather conditions.[7] Removing the Warthog's turret and replacing it is a fairly simple process,[18] meaning that vehicles can be reconfigured to serve in roles ranging from light reconnaissance to troop/ cargo transport to anti-armor in a relative short period of time. As such, Warthog variants are typically classed according to their bed-mounted weapon systems.[19] These are;

However, not all Warthogs are deployed for combat. Some vehicles deployed for recon and transportation or in the case of resource shortages may have their turret removed,[22] and are given the name of Scout Warthog. In essence, the Scout Warthog is the "purest" form of the Warthog chassis, and many variants of Warthog are classified based on the base chassis rather than the weapon they carry. The two primary chassis variants of the Warthog are the M12 Warthog and M12B Warthog.

M12 Warthog[edit]

Various iterations of the M12 Warthog LRV.
Main article: M12 Warthog

The M12 Warthog was the predominant Warthog employed by UNSC forces between the 24th and 26th centuries, and saw use in the Insurrection and Human-Covenant War. It is descended for the Z-12 prototype vehicles designed in 2319. M12 Warthog models have been seen in the following variants;

M12B Warthog[edit]

Schematics of the M12B Warthog model.
Main article: M12B Warthog

By late 2552, however, the vehicle chassis known as the M12B Warthog[5] had begun circulation,[21][24][25] seeing deployment in the last battles of the war and coming to prominence in the Post-War period.[26][27][28][29] It incorporated side compartments into the body, features a more angular body style, utility bars over the hood and around the bed, and several other largely cosmetic changes, while keeping a similar design to the first chassis. This design typically carries several Jerrycans filled with water to be rendered into hydrogen for the engine. It has a lighting system of 24 LED brake light and ULED headlights. This chassis has a programmable nano-prismatic paint to refract color at any chromacity, depending on the vehicle's destination. A security bit was designed to prevent marines from tinkering with the finish, based on early and embarrassing experiences of the tech's deployment.[3] Unlike most models used throughout the Human-Covenant War, this chassis uses a swing-axle system, a redesigned transmission and drive shafts, and constant-velocity joints. The M12B also features adjustable, non-pneumatic "smartwheels".[5]


UNSC/ CMA Warthogs[edit]

A UNSC mechanized column at the Battle at Szurdok Ridge.

Since the vehicle's inception, the Colonial Military Administration and United Nations Space Command have been the primary employers of the Warthog platform, with the UNSC Army and Marine Corps making heavy usage of the vehicle in their military campaigns. The UNSC employed the Warthog in the Insurrection and again in the war against the Covenant, where Gauss-equipped vehicles formed vital tank-hunters with their superior off-road capabilities versus Covenant hovercraft.[36] Rocket-equipped Warthogs often served as the first and last line of defense against Covenant aircraft,[37] with other vehicles used in a scouting capacity, or as an integral part of a mechanized infantry unit.[2] Disarmed Warthogs would serve important roles in logistics, carrying personnel, food, fuel and cargo in all environments.[38]

Insurrectionist Warthogs[edit]

Aside from its military application by the CMA and UNSC, the Warthog has seen widespread popularity among civilian populaces and Insurrectionists. During the Insurrection, Insurrectionist forces under Howard Graves would utilise modified Warthogs at their base Camp New Hope, in which the vehicles would have a middle section welded between the front and back, creating armoured Warthog APCs.[39] In 2558, the New Colonial Alliance leader Ilsa Zane would operate a personally modified Warthog capable of firing Argent V missiles.[40]

Civilian Warthogs[edit]

Civilians also employ the Warthog for everyday transportation and racing. The most common variant of civilian Warthog is the 'Hog, a vehicle with variants on both the M12 and M12B chassis'. However, several Warthog variants have also been produced, designed for racing including the M12 GT, M12S Warthog CST and 550 Scuderia StarSpeed M-12R. The latter variant, colloquially referred to as the Rally Warthog, is designed by AMG's competition division for racing on New Carthage, and has seen many victories. The rally races it is involved in often involve dangerous fauna and other competitors, meaning some Rally Warthogs are equipped as Warthog LRVs.[41]

One AMG pitch involving the inclusion of Subanese crystal afterburners, named Project HOGSTICKER, would never reach production.[42]

Corporate Warthogs[edit]

A Liang-Dortmund Warthog.

Private corporate entities such as the Liang-Dortmund Corporation have been authorised employ military Warthogs, among other military hardware. Following the Human-Covenant War, the threat of Insurrectionist, Kig-Yar pirate[30] or Covenant remnant raids, and the possibility of attack by alien megafauna,[43] have necessitated the employment of corporate-branded vehicles sporting chainguns and gauss cannons. Due to backdoor deals involving bribery, however, even rocket Warthog platforms have been deemed necessary for corporate use by government officials.[44]

Other usage[edit]

By 2553, some Sangheili had brought Warthogs back to Sanghelios as personal war trophies.[45]

UNSC personnel remarks[edit]

The Warthog was featured in the report Machines, Materiel and Munitions from the Human-Covenant Conflict, 2525 - Present by Doctor Robert Mclees, in which he interviewed UNSC personnel on their thoughts on the Warthog.[2]

  • "It's [the M12] sort of a bear to wheel around, but that's something you gotta expect – the thing is twice the size of my granddad's car – but it's something you get used to pretty damned quick."
  • "On the battlefield speed is life and the M12 has that in spades – having a great big damn gun don’t hurt, either."
  • "One word: handbrake."
  • "I have yet to come up against an obstacle that the Warthog couldn't go right over."
  • "The Sarge hates it when we ram stuff, says the 'Hog ain't indestructible. But it sure feels like it when you're plowing through a crowd of startled Grunts, though."
  • "The seats are unreal! I was thinking of pulling a set out of a parts vehicle and shipping them home...but the wife shut it down – says everyone would be able to tell where they came from."
  • "Look at these legs – pretty nice, huh? It’s totally from getting in and out'a the 'Hog's thirty-six inch damn step height."


The Warthog can be found in every Halo game, and is a ubiquitous vehicle on most mid-large multiplayer maps. They are typically capable of rapidly traversing a map and, when crewed by a communicating driver-gunner pair, are capable of dominating infantry and vehicles alike. However, they are prone to flipping, and can be easily countered by grenades or other explosive weapons. In addition, they are highly susceptible to anti-personnel weapons fire due to their lack of armour protecting the crew. In Halo: Reach and onwards, sustained fire from weapons such as battle rifles and DMRs will quickly wear down a Warthog and cause it to explode.

Halo Wars[edit]

In Halo Wars, Warthogs are lightly armored, fast and nimble scout units. They are player's first unit and do not have any damage capability other than running things over. Along with infantry units, they can be used to collect discovered resource crates. A Warthog cost 150 resources to construct at the command center and a unit takes up one population.

  • Gunner: 250 resources and requires a tech level of one. Adds an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, giving them combat capabilities.
  • Grenadier: 500 resources and requires a tech level of two. Adds a grenadier armed with an XM510 Multishot Grenade Launcher.
  • Gauss Cannon: 800 resources and requires a tech level of three. Replaces the M41 LAAG with an M68 ALIM.

Sergeant Forge can mount the Warthog and in result the Warthog instantly upgraded into Gauss Hog which was unique to Sergeant Forge.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

The Warthog Blitz card.

In Halo Wars 2, the Warthog has been re-classified as a Core Vehicle, and is now constructible at a UNSC Garage, as opposed to the command centre.

Warthog Upgrade: Gauss Cannon

  • Info: Weapon Upgrade, Damage Boost, Range Boost
  • Tier: 3
  • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 750
  • The Spartan Warthog is a special Warthog Hero unit that only available in The Signal, with Jerome-092 as the driver, Alice-130 as the gunner and Douglas-042 as the passenger. It is the only Warthog to be mounted by all of Red Team.
  • The regular Warthog is unavailable to the Johnson and Kinsano leaders, with their equivalent vehicles being the Mantis and M12F Flame Warthog, respectively.

In the Blitz multiplayer mode, the Warthog Blitz card is available to all UNSC leaders, and has the following attributes;

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Cost to deploy: 60
  • Ram - Charges through enemies, causing damage.

The Armored Warthog is classed as a Core Vehicle, and performs well against Infantry, Vehicles and Aircraft. In addition, the Flame Warthog and Veteran Flame Warthog are available to Kinsano, the Armored Warthog is available to Anders and the Trooper Warthog is available to Isabel.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

HTV-SilverTeam logo.png
This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.

Warthogs are used by humanity for transportation.[46]


Production notes[edit]

  • The Warthog was originally going to be a Humvee-like vehicle in the early stages of development of Halo: Combat Evolved.[47]
  • WETA Workshop, based in New Zealand, built a full scale, operating Warthog. It has several numbers on it, some possibly pertaining to that specific model or maybe even that specific Warthog, including, but not limited to, 5c8611, N/AAV-20 (a label similar to the M/AAV-20 that can be seen on the Halo Reach-era Warthog), and others. WETA's Warthog is almost accurate in every function, including a "working" minigun, four-wheel steering, digital displays, air bags, and the ability to "crab crawl". Stamps portraying the number and type of Covenant troops killed can be seen on the dash. This Warthog is featured in the Halo: Landfall live-action film series.[48]
    • Some Bungie employees were given the chance to drive WETA Workshop's Warthog. Three members of the Bungie team were driving the Warthog around a parking lot when they scraped the side of it on a small wooden structure built onto the side of a wall.[49]
  • Another useable Warthog vehicle was created by Parker Brothers Concepts for the Halo: Outpost Discovery Hall of History event. The vehicle was built on a Nissan Leaf, as 343 Industries wanted the vehicle to be electric.[50]
  • A 2552 M12B Warthog from Halo 4 was recreated by Aria Group in conjunction with several gigabytes of data provided by 343 Industries for the Petersen Automatic Museum's science fiction vehicles exhibit, to be displayed alongside vehicles such as the DeLorean from Back to the Future. This vehicle was created over six months on the body of an H1 Hummer, and was downscaled by 12% of the in-game model's size to be street-legal to drive.[51]
  • During Halo 2's development, Bungie considered creating more specialized Warthog variants including arctic, transport, and jungle models. The first model was later featured in Halo 3 as the M864 Arctic, while the latter models were named in a article on the Warthog written in the lead-up to Halo 3,[2] and later featured in the Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Halo Universe and later on Halo Waypoint.[1]


  • A warthog is a wild member of the pig family that lives in Africa, in keeping with the UNSC's tradition of naming ground-based vehicles after real animals, with the exceptions of the Cyclops and Gremlin, which are named after mythical creatures.
  • A remote-controlled toy Warthog was one of the first Xbox 360 Avatar accessories available after the August 11, 2009 dashboard update that introduced Avatar accessories. It is available from the Xbox Live Avatar shop for 320 Microsoft Points, under Halo 3: ODST-themed accessories.
  • In Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo: Reach, the Warthog's tires are printed with the word PUMA. This is a reference to an episode of Red vs Blue's in which Simmons and Grif argue with Sarge about whether to call the vehicle a Puma or Warthog.
  • The Halo 4 Warthog is featured in Forza Motorsport 4.[52] It is not drivable in game, though it appears in the Autovista mode where players can examine various details of the cars. The Warthog descriptions feature narration by Cortana. It is unlocked by unlocking all other non-DLC cars in Autovista.[53] The developers considered adding the Warthog as a drivable vehicle, but due to Forza's focus on technical accuracy, the Warthog would have been difficult to implement due to its large size, unusual 4-wheel drive mechanics, unusual tires, and the various fictional technologies employed.[54]
    • However, the Warthog can be driven in Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon 4, and Forza Horizon 5.
  • The Warthog is featured in Psonix's Rocket League as one of the two exclusive vehicles in the Xbox One version.


Real-world Warthogs[edit]

A number of Warthog replicas have been constructed in real life for promotional purposes.

List of appearances[edit]


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