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Halo Infinite: Memory Agent

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Cover art of Halo Infinite: Memory Agent
Artwork for Halo Infinite: Memory Agent.
Promotional poster commissioned by Xbox for Halo Infinite: Memory Agent.
Promotional poster for the series.[1]

"A lone secret agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence is sent on a mission to relay critical intel to the Master Chief. There’s just one catch—every seven hours, her memory resets. Now she must make a perilous journey through closely monitored space, desperate to learn whatever she can about her own past as well as that of the Master Chief. Through the help of an AI companion and battlefield reports of others who have encountered the legendary hero, she pieces together just how important her task may be."
— The series' synopsis

Halo Infinite: Memory Agent was a marketing campaign released on Spotify on December 8, 2021, hours before Halo Infinite's release.[2] The series is set just prior to the novel Halo: Shadows of Reach.[3]

Plot summary[edit]

Chapter 1: Operation Hourglass[edit]

Main article: Chapter 1: Operation Hourglass

"A secret agent with no memory is given an unsettling mission briefing from an unlikely source."

Chapter 2: Faith[edit]

Main article: Chapter 2: Faith

"An archival recording from Earth details a citizen's encounter with the Master Chief."

Chapter 3: We Deliver[edit]

Main article: Chapter 3: We Deliver

"The agent's shuttlecraft is pursued by an enemy squadron."

Chapter 4: Unsavory Means[edit]

Main article: Chapter 4: Unsavory Means

"The mission is jeopardized when the agent learns she can't even trust herself."

Chapter 5: Intruder Alert[edit]

Main article: Chapter 5: Intruder Alert

"A mysterious and unexpected encounter alters the course of the mission."

Chapter 6: Impressions[edit]

Main article: Chapter 6: Impressions

"When the pursuing enemy returns, the crew makes a final stand and discovers just what they're capable of."




  • Human
  • Flood
  • Golden retriever (Mentioned only)
  • Tyrannosaurus rex (Mentioned only)
  • Unggoy (Mentioned only)



Voice cast[edit]

The full voice cast is included in the credits at the end of Chapter 6.



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