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Failed Transmission

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Failed Transmission
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Series overview


Hunt the Truth


Season 2

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Air date:

October 26, 2015[1]

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S2.INT: Failed Transmission was an intermediary audio log released during the second season of the Hunt the Truth audio drama as an addendum to Episode 01: Cube B-349.[2][3] The episode was originally released on Soundcloud on October 26, 2015 - the day before the release of Halo 5: Guardians.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Failed Transmission consists of a short voice report recorded by Maya Sankar on Conrad's Point, with heavy static and interference throughout. In the report, Sankar notes that she is about to head into the New Colonial Alliance camp near the Guardian Custode on the planet, and she expects to be out-of-contact with the Office of Naval Intelligence for some time.

Audio transcript[edit]

  • Maya Sankar (Transmission): This is Agent Maya Sankar. I'm on Conrad's Point in a planet wide dark zone. I managed to make contact. This installation inside could be potentially hostile. But something big, and... and its definitely coming soon. I dont have time to wait, I'm heading into the camp now. No matter what happens, I hope its not as bad I {Static Takes over}



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