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Traxus Heavy Industries

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The logo of Traxus Heavy Industries.

Traxus Heavy Industries is an interplanetary human industrial company. It had facilities on Earth,[1] Reach,[2] and Andesia.[3]


The Traxus Tower was also the main evacuation point for the city during the Siege of New Alexandria during the Fall of Reach. With the help of SPARTAN-B312, the tower's executive pad was cleared and held by the Bullfrogs to enable the evacuation.[2] By October of 2552, Traxus was advertising in New Mombasa.[4]

In 2556, Traxus was placed under "Active Investigation" by ONI alongside many other companies after the Sedra terrorist attack.[5]

Sometime in either 2557 or 2558, Traxus had ads placed in the city of Pilvros, New Carthage.[6]

Products and services[edit]

Traxus engages in a number of heavy industry enterprises. They have a stake in Wind Power Station 7 on the Zanzibar Island.[1] The company also utilized HuCiv HC1500 trucks for ground transport.[7] Traxus also manufactured fire extinguishers.[8]



Traxus Heavy Industries maintained a large network of warehouses on Earth to ease the storage of supplies and goods.[9] Traxus Heavy Industries also had a few office buildings in the city of New Mombasa.[4]

The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role Citation
Earth Voi, EAP Traxus Factory Complex 09 [10]
Traxus Factory Complex 71 [11]
Zanzibar Island, EAP Wind Power Station 7 [1]
New Mombasa, EAP [4]
Reach New Alexandria, Eposz Traxus Tower [2]
Andesia Noctus [3]


  • The company's name is a reference to Traxus IV, an AI that went rampant in the Marathon series.
  • In Halo 3, Traxus has been seen on the cargo crates similar to the way COBB Industries was referenced on crates in Halo 2. Based on these appearances, it is probably some form of shipping or transport company or perhaps manufacturing.


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