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Traxus Heavy Industries

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The logo of Traxus Heavy Industries.

Traxus Heavy Industries is an interplanetary human industrial company. It had facilities on Earth,[1] Reach,[2] and Andesia.[3]


The Traxus Tower was also the main evacuation point for the city during the Siege of New Alexandria during the Fall of Reach. With the help of SPARTAN-B312, the tower's executive pad was cleared and held by the Bullfrogs to enable the evacuation.[2] By October of 2552, Traxus was advertising in New Mombasa.[4]

In 2556, Traxus was placed under "Active Investigation" by ONI alongside many other companies after the Sedra terrorist attack.[5]

Sometime in either 2557 or 2558, Traxus had ads placed in the city of Pilvros, New Carthage.[6]

Products and services[edit]

Traxus engages in a number of heavy industry enterprises. They have a stake in Wind Power Station 7 on the Zanzibar Island.[1] The company also utilized HuCiv HC1500 trucks for ground transport.[7] Traxus also manufactured fire extinguishers.[8]



Traxus Heavy Industries maintained a large network of warehouses on Earth to ease the storage of supplies and goods.[9] Traxus Heavy Industries also had a few office buildings in the city of New Mombasa.[4]

The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role Citation
Earth Voi, EAP Traxus Factory Complex 09 [10]
Traxus Factory Complex 71 [11]
Zanzibar Island, EAP Wind Power Station 7 [1]
New Mombasa, EAP [4]
Reach New Alexandria, Eposz Traxus Tower [2]
Andesia Noctus [3]

Production notes[edit]

The company's name is a reference to Traxus IV, an AI that went rampant in the Marathon series. The name "Traxus" is an anagram for "Art Sux" - or "Suxart" spelled backwards.[12]


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