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Notable events:

Operation: TREBUCHET

Governed by:

Unified Earth Government


Noctus is the capital city of Andesia, a human colony governed by the Unified Earth Government.[1] Noctus is home to several local medical research and ultra-tech industries.[2] Corporations that maintain a presence in the city include AMG Transport Dynamics, SinoViet Heavy Machinery, and Traxus Heavy Industries. Noctus is located on the coast of a large body of water. It stretches along the coast for many kilometers and a small canal from the body of water runs into the city.[3]


Noctus was one of the first cities established after Andesia's colonization by biotech associations.[2] In 2523, a rebellion broke out on Andesia in response to the Unified Earth Government's tightening grip on the human colonies and the excessive control taken by the mega-corporate council that served as the de facto planetary government. The insurgency eventually reached the heavily defended facilities of AMG Transport Dynamics located in Noctus.[1]

After nearly a decade of fighting, the conflict was finally ended when the Insurrectionists on the planet agreed to establish peace with the UEG and UNSC after they realized that the Covenant was a greater threat. After the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC trained SPARTAN-IVs in a War Games simulation of Noctus to prepare them for a possible resurgence of rebellion in the city as tensions remained high. The UNSC trained these Spartans to secure strategic facilities in the city, similar to what the UNSC did during the rebellion decades earlier.[1]



The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer maps Empire, Eden, Battle of Noctus and Urban take place in the city.


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