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Andesia is a human colony planet governed by the Unified Earth Government and controlled by a mega-corporate council which serves as the planet's de facto administation.[4] Despite its high-class appearance, Andesia has experienced civil strife and unrest.[5]


Topography and ecology[edit]



Rise of humanity[edit]

Andesia was colonized by humanity in 2450.[1] Following its establishment as a colony, exploration of Andesia was funded by biotech associations looking to exploit the planet's rich ecosystem for life-extending pharmaceuticals and exotic foodstuffs. The colonization and exploration efforts were followed by the development of local medical research and ultra-tech industries in the capital city of Noctus and the research center in Promesa.[6] In 2523, in response to the UEG's tightening grip on the human colonies and the excessive control taken by the mega-corporate council that served as the de facto planetary government, a rebellion broke out on the planet. The insurgency even reached the heavily defended facilities of AMG Transport Dynamics located in the capital city of Noctus.[4] During this time, Insurrectionists established a stronghold on the planet. In response, the United Nations Space Command sent troops, including the 10th Shock Troops Battalion, to Andesia to eliminate the rebel presence.[7]

During a firefight with Insurrectionists lasting for approximately seven hours, Ridge, a member of Cadmon Lasky's ODST squad was killed. Afterwards, Cadmon estimated that he must have killed a dozen of the Insurrectionists. Sometime later, Cadmon and the rest of his squad was killed in action on the planet.[7]

Periodic UNSC police actions kept violence from breaking out into full-scale civil war. However, turf wars between insurgent factions and their criminal allies, corrupt law enforcement personnel, and Unified Earth Government peacekeepers ensured there would be no peace in major population centers.[6]

Human-Covenant war[edit]

The fighting continued on the planet for nearly a decade, until the realization of the true threat of the Covenant forced Andesia's citizens to realign themselves with the UNSC and UEG to survive.[4] Ultimately, Andesia did survive the Human-Covenant War, remaining untouched by the Covenant.[1]


Although Andesia made it through the war unscathed, tensions between the planet's citizens and the UNSC remained high, with Insurrectionist movements reemerging stronger and more influential than ever.[4] The UEG sees Andesia as a vital asset in its long-term plans for reunification and redevelopment of the human colonies. The planet's corporate and political hierarchy remains loyal to the UEG.[5]

Prior to May 2553, Insurrectionist forces captured UEG diplomatic personnel on Andesia. The UNSC responded by sending the Spartan-II Frederic-104 to rescue the diplomats and neutralize the Insurrection personnel as part of Operation: INSTINCT.[8]

Spartan-IVs are trained in a War Games simulation based off Noctus in order to prepare for hypothetical peace-keeping operations, and to have them ready to secure strategic facilities in the event of a large insurrection. As well, Andesia-born designers created a War Games simulation imagining the planet's possible sociopolitical collapse during the Covenant War.[5]

Government and society[edit]

Hosting several large metroplex areas, including the capital of Noctus, the colony is wealthy, highly populated, and almost completely self-sufficient. Despite this, a strong Insurrectionist movement took root on Andesia shortly before the Covenant War and reemerged after the conflict's resolution.[5]

Illegal immigration to the planet is a problem, but the UEG has tried to make becoming a legal resident easier than ever through the filing of Form 32.[3]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

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The arena multiplayer maps Empire, Eden, Plaza and Overgrowth all take place on Andesia. The Warzone maps Battle of Noctus and Urban also take place on the planet.

Production notes[edit]

In Halo 5: Guardians, cut pieces of audio from Warzone found in the game's files contain various details about Andesia. One piece of audio would welcome players to the Andesian First Settlers' Monument, then inform players about the colony's history: colonized in 2450 by four ships from Earth—CAA Heavy Ground, Bridge's Church, Vienna Stinger, and Heartbreaker. Upon landing, the colonists took apart the ships to build their initial settlements. As the Andesian colony grew, the original components of these ships were thought to be lost, but AMG Transport Dynamics would later locate and restore the engines of these ships.[9]



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