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Ridge was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper who served during the Insurrection circa between 2525 and early 2526.[1] He was assigned to the 10th Shock Troops Battalion.[2]


Ridge spent his childhood on Mars,[Note 1] and was friends with Cadmon and Thomas Lasky. Sometime around 2525-2526, he served with Cadmon on Arcadia. When his unit came upon a jungle river, Ridge warned the others not to drink the water because it was polluted; Cadmon ignored his friend's advice and contracted diarrhea, earning him the nickname "Volcano".[3]

Ridge was later killed in action by an Insurrectionist grenade on Andesia, traumatizing Cadmon. In remembrance, Cadmon shaved his head, an act Ridge had suggested would make Cadmon tougher.[4]

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  1. ^ Cadmon notes that Thomas would remember Ridge from "back home". In Halo 4, Thomas states that he "grew up on New Harmony" suggesting he is referring to the planet New Harmony. However, Mars is established as his and Cadmon's homeworld in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and it is mentioned in the fourth issue of Halo: Escalation that he grew up with Petra Janecek on Mars. Therefore, it is most likely that the reference to the planet in Halo 4 is a production error and Lasky is meant to refer to the Martian city of the same name. Thus, in order for Thomas to remember Ridge, he would most likely have lived on Mars.


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