10th Shock Troops Battalion

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10th Shock Troops Battalion
ODST Crest.png



Unified Earth Government

Operational authority:

Naval Special Warfare Command


UNSC Marine Corps


800-1,200 troopers and sailors

Notable commanders:

First Lieutenant Cadmon Lasky


The 10th Shock Troops Battalion is a shock infantry and special operations formation of the UNSC Marine Corps, subordinate to the 105th Shock Troops Division. Sergeant Lian Devereaux was a pilot in the battalion's 55th Flight before being transferred to the Office of Naval Intelligence's Kilo-Five team in January 2553.[1]


The 10th Shock Troops Battalion was deployed throughout the Insurrection. The unit was stationed on Jericho VII in 2525 to put down Insurrectionist forces. The unit remained on the planet for over 131 days.[2] Shortly after, the 10th Shock Troops Battalion was deployed to the jungles of Arcadia to deal with Insurrectionist activity.[3] In 2526, the unit was stationed on the colony world of Andesia to eliminate a rebel stronghold established on the planet. A firefight with Insurrectionists eventually occurred, lasting for approximately seven hours. At least one member of the unit was killed during the engagement, and at least a dozen of the Insurrectionists were killed. Sometime later, a squad led by First Lieutenant Cadmon Lasky engaged rebel forces. However, the entirety of the squad was killed in action on the planet.[4][5]


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