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Lian Devereaux
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"I can do everything you can. And more elegantly."
— Lian Devereaux to Vasily Beloi.

Sergeant Lian "Dev" Devereaux is a UNSC Marine and an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper formerly assigned to the 10th Shock Troops Battalion. She is a trained pilot.[1] In January 2553, she was assigned to Kilo-Five, a highly covert intelligence unit under the command of Captain Serin Osman.[5]


Early life and career[edit]

Lian Devereaux was raised in northeast Canada.[1] Her father was French-Canadian and her mother was Chinese.[6]

During the Human-Covenant War, Devereaux enlisted in the UNSC and was eventually trained as a pilot in the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. By the end of the war, all of her known family members were either dead or estranged, a fact which made her a suitable candidate for Kilo-Five.[7]


In January 2553, she and two other ODSTs, Staff Sergeant Malcolm Geffen and Corporal Vasily Beloi, were hand-picked by the Office of Naval Intelligence to serve under Captain Serin Osman in a covert operations team known as Kilo-Five. They were tasked with sowing a war among the Sangheili to destabilize their homeworld.[8] Devereaux was assigned as Kilo-Five's pilot, providing planetside transportation on the modified Pelican dropship she nicknamed "Tart-Cart", as they operated from the UNSC Port Stanley.[9]

Devereaux went along with the rest of Kilo-Five as they traveled to New Llanelli for their first arms exchange with the Servants of the Abiding Truth. Devereaux stayed with the ship as Sangheili insurgent Avu Med 'Telcam was given tagged weapons and Tom Muir was extracted.[10] Later she opened contact with DCS agent Mike Spenser, who had been hiding on Reynes since the glassing of the planet and was going to be picked up next. During the extraction on Reynes, Devereaux became worried about Kig-Yar inspecting the Tart-Cart, but the team killed them after a quick fight.[11] The team's next task was to save the UNSC Ariadne who was damaged but near Venezia, a colony under Insurrectionist rule. Due to Venezia's refusal to help, however, Ariadne experienced a reactor meltdown and was destroyed before Kilo-Five could reach the ship.[12]

Later, Kilo-Five seized the Covenant cargo ship Piety and successfully captured an onboard Huragok, Requires Adjustment.[13] In February 2553, after ONI had established communications with the human survivors inside the Onyx shield world, now known as Trevelyan, Admiral Parangosky ordered Kilo-Five to arrest Dr. Catherine Halsey. Devereaux accompanied the party that entered the shield world via dropship, detained Halsey and brought her, along with the other survivors, aboard Port Stanley. She was horrified to learn about Dr. Halsey's use of child soldiers in the Spartan-II program.[14]

In March 2553, Evan Phillips, accompanied with a fragment of BB, left Kilo-Five to study Sangheili culture on Sanghelios. However, an explosion in Ontom, Sanghelios severed Kilo-Five's communication with BB's fragment and Phillips. The team regrouped at the Port Stanley and left for Sanghelios to recover him.[15]

Mission on Sanghelios[edit]

Devereaux flew the Tart-Cart to Ontom on Sanghelios during 'Telcam's assault on Vadam. After finally being allowed to land, Kilo-Five searched for Phillips in the Temple of the Abiding Truth. They were initially refused entry into the temple by the Sangheili Olar because they were non-believers. As BB negotiated with him, a nearby Sangheili crowd became aggravated by their presence. Olar relented and allowed Kilo-Five inside the temple. After they realized that Phillips was no longer inside, they evacuated as the Sangheili mob stormed the area.[16]

BB eventually located Phillips through an intercepted communication and they quickly traveled to Nes'alun keep in Acroli to evacuate him. They extracted Phillips in the midst of a skirmish at the keep.[17] During their evacuation, Tart-Cart was damaged by a Banshee, forcing Devereaux to put her down for repairs. They were followed by a Phantom piloted by Forze 'Mdama, who had been sent by 'Telcam to recover Phillips for them. After being instructed to help them with repairs, Forze handed over some pipes and wire and left. Devereaux was then able to get Tart-Cart off the ground.[18]

On their flight back to Port Stanley, a fire erupted and they had to re-route to the UNSC's new flagship, UNSC Infinity. They witnessed Infinity in action as it helped the Arbiter by destroying many of the Abiding Truth's vessels. Parangosky then ordered them to extract their informant 'Telcam from the ground. As Kilo-Five abducted 'Telcam from the battle, Port Stanley posed as a Kig-Yar pirate ship and destroyed a few of 'Vadam's ships in order to maintain the stalemate between the two factions. Kilo-Five dropped 'Telcam off on New Llanelli and were later retrieved by Port Stanley.[19]

Venezian movement[edit]

While Mal and Vaz infiltrated the Venezian militia, Devereaux flew Tart-Cart to New Llanelli for another meeting between Phillips and 'Telcam, with Naomi accompanying them for security.[20] Some time after the mission, Devereaux and Naomi traveled to Anchor 10 with Tart-Cart to retrieve a new dropship to Kilo-Five, having it immediately upgraded with the same capabilities as Tart-Cart by the Huragok Requires Adjustment.[21] During the trip, however, Mal and Vaz were captured by the Insurrectionists on Venezia and Naomi and Devereaux were immediately tasked with the rescue mission. Devereaux piloted the Tart-Cart to rescue Vaz, while Naomi went after Mal with the new Pelican, entitled Bogof.[22] Upon arriving at Vaz's location, she made her way into the room and, at Beloi's suggestion, took Staffan Sentzke hostage.[23] They returned to Port Stanley where Sentzke was informed about the Spartan program and allowed to reunite with his daughter.[24]

Pious Inquisitor[edit]

Main article: Skirmish on Pious Inquisitor

Meanwhile, Kilo-Five managed to track down Pious Inquisitor, which had been boarded by a Kig-Yar pirate crew attempting to commandeer the ship for themselves.[25] While Mal, Vaz, Naomi, and Staffan boarded the Inquisitor, Devereaux remained on the Port Stanley with the rest of Kilo-Five and Spenser. She provided intel for her teammates aboard the Inquisitor.[26]

With Mal and Naomi pressing on the bridge, the leader of the Kig-Yar pirates, Shipmistress Chol Von, set the ship to explode and escaped with her remaining crew. Kilo-Five escaped to their dropships and returned to Port Stanley, while Sentzke commandeered a Spirit dropship, intending to escape ONI captivity.[27] Sentzke was not seen leaving the blast radius when the ship self-destructed and was assumed dead; unknown to Kilo-Five, he had actually survived, his Spirit having been outfitted with a miniature slipspace drive by Sometimes Sinks.[28]

With Pious Inquisitor destroyed and the Venezian threat seemingly neutralized for the time being, Kilo-Five was granted shore leave on Cascade. Devereaux went to a concert with Evan Phillips, the two having grown fond of one another during their time with Kilo-Five.[29] After the night, Devereaux flew the team back to Port Stanley aboard Tart-Cart. In response to Mal's suggestive queries about her night with Phillips, she only remarked that it was a "lovely concert".[30]

Personality and traits[edit]

Devereaux generally displays a somewhat cynical and wisecracking attitude. Like many pilots, Devereaux grew attached to her aircraft, having named their dropship Tart-Cart. While repairing the Pelican on Sanghelios, Mal suggested that they steal Forze 'Mdama's Phantom and destroy Tart-Cart, to which Dev replied "the answer's over my dead body."[31] Later when Infinity's Huragok repaired and upgraded the Pelican, Dev declared the ship to have been pimped.[32] Over the course of Kilo-Five's missions, Devereaux developed an attraction to Evan Phillips and became stressed when he was lost on Sanghelios with no communications.[33][34] However, she did not share Phillips' sympathy for the Sangheili and would have preferred to see Sanghelios glassed.[35]

Devereaux speaks with an accent which betrays her upbringing in northeastern Canada, while her appearance reflects her Chinese ancestry.[1][6] She is at least partially fluent in her mother's native language, as evidenced by her occasional habit of swearing in Cantonese.[36] Devereaux's mixed-heritage childhood featured bizarre food combinations; as a result, she is never squeamish around strange foods.[6]

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